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Happy 2017 ladies! First and foremost I want to thank you girls all SO much from the bottom of my heart. 2016 was such a great year but without you girls The Honeybee wouldn’t be what it is! I am so thankful for the constant love and support you girls have shown. From my newer “frollowers” (that’s Friends+ Followers 😉 to my girls that have been following The Honeybee for years….I appreciate Every. Single. One. of YOU! I’m so excited to see what 2017 has  in store for us. I am also excited to introduce a couple new series for you girls. One of which that starts today…  Beauty Talk Tuesdays . Every Tuesday will be dedicated to all things beauty. I’ll be sharing my makeup must haves, mini tutorials, hair products and tools and even supplements I take. Anything beauty related will be here for you girls on Tuesdays! You can also leave questions and requests for what you would love to see in the weeks to come as well! Today’s post is all about Nails! I’m sharing my top ten go to polishes, the supplements I swear by and some not so glamorous tips if your “dry heel struggle” is real like mine!

A lot of you ask about my nails and if they are real. They are but I do use gel polish on top. I FINALLY got on the gel bandwagon last year and there is no turning back. Especially as a mom it’s just the only way to go. I swear my regular manicures would last at most 5 days and with gel they last SO much longer. I get them done about every 2-3 weeks and it’s been a life saver. The only down side is the UV exposure. Some salons have their own gloves but my favorite nail spot does not so I legit bring my own UV Shield Gloves with me. The ladies tell me that with “their machine” you don’t get the exposure so you don’t need them butttt I bring them anyway. I feel like a women’s hands and neck are first to tell a women’s age so I’m trying to be a preventative as possible.


OPI Unrepentantly Red

Again wearing Tiramisu for Two… It’s the PERFECT neutral and i’m slightly obsessed with this color!


When all else fails You Don’t Know Jacques is my go to


A little more pink in IBD Ooh La Lace


A little pop of color in Essie Very Cranberry

My Top Ten Colors

If  NUDES are your thang…

OPI Samoan Sands 

Essie Sand Tropez

ESSIE ChinChilly

OPI Tiramisu For Two

If you’re a little more FLIRTY AND FEMININE….

Essie In Stitches

Essie Lady Like

Essie Angora Cardi

If you like DARKS…..

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (classic MUST!)

OPI SHHH It’s Top Secret 

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

(and Ulta is offering by 2 get the third FREE right now on OPI polishes!)

My go to Multi-Vitamin…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’ve also received tons of questions about what supplements and multivitamins I take and This One is the only one I take. I have been using MAXI HAIR since before Ava was born! It was recommended to me by a friend and it really makes your hair and nails grow like crazy. I stopped taking it during each pregnancy (because I was using THIS PRENATAL) then I switched back to my Maxi Hair and highly recommend it. If you take it daily, you will definitely notice a difference in your hair and nails.

and lastly something not so glamorous to talk about butttt the Dry Heel struggle is real! I totally suffer from it (especially in the Winter) so these are the products I use.

This Callus Remover Gel is what they use in the nail salon (that you pay $5 for each time…and the whole bottle is only $7!) You can totally use this at home with a pumice stone and save yourself a lot of cash.

This Callus Remover with catcher is AMAZING for a drug store price point. (Just FYI go easy!) After I use the remover I put on This Earth Theraputics Repair stick  and wear socks to bed.

Okay so I hope you girls are digging this new series! I already have a post lined up for next week but each week feel free to leave your suggestions, questions and comments for the next post and I’ll try to tackle them!

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  1. For heels, you ***need**** Baby Foot! You can get it at Target or Amazon, seriously the best stuff ever! Your entire foot will peel like crazy! Just make sure you don’t have a sunny vacation coming up, because you’ll fresh, pink skin. I made the mistake of doing this about two weeks before a weeklong sailing trip to Catalina. It takes a few days to fully peel.

  2. I love this series so much!! Your nails always looks ah-mazing! Definitely going to try the UV gloves. I have 2 young kids as well so I appreciate gel mani’s!! Thanks for always sharing your go-tos and tips! This mama appreciates it!

  3. Great post! I’ve been away from nail polishes for ages after life got too busy with a little one. 🙂 I will certainly have to pamper myself now and try some of your suggestions. I used to use the Sephora brand gel nail polish kit and it was awesome for 2 weeks. However, gel nails done at the salon look so pretty and perfect.

      1. It’s called Sephora Formula X and it comes in a kit of primer, top coat and base coat. They have a ton of colors. It was super easy to do at home, like regular nail polish and it came off very easily. I did not have any problems with dry sensitive nails (like i did with salon gel nail polish). However, if you can grab it at your local Sephora do so now (i think it’s on sale too) because I heard they are coming out with a new version of it shortly. I sound like an infomercial almost, but I always got asked if my nails were done at the salon.

  4. Love all of this! Such a fun and girlie series. Keep ’em coming! I also like gel manicures but now I am hooked on sns powder or “powder dip” For me they last even longer than gel.

      1. Yes I do! It’s thicker and seems to last a lot longer (for me at least). Plus when it’s removed it doesn’t seem to do as much damage to my nails.

  5. Hi Andee! Your blog is the only blog I follow but I’ve never commented. I’ve been following for years and absolutely love it – so thank you! Question – do you use regular polish and then a gel clear coat?

    1. thanks so much Kristen and for commenting 😉 So I pretty much only get my nails done in the salon now because I do gel
      (and am not brave enough to try to do the gel myself at home 😉 . These are just the classic colors I use all the time. I used them before I started getting gel and also use these colors now in the gel form too. At the salon they definitely use a gel polish and gel top coat. Hope this helps xo

  6. Love the new series!

    Please list more of your gel colors you get done at the salon! Especially IBD brand…they sell it on Amazon and I use them at home with my own light…so simple. It is hard to tell though sometimes on amazon what the actual color is. Wearing Ooh La Lace now- it’s def a favorite!

    If you find out more about the “powder dip”, please share here or get one done and take pics. 🙂

    1. yes totally intrigued by the powder dip and will have to try it out for you girls! Isn’t Oh La Lace the best!? The salon I go to most often doesnt carry IBD so thinking i need to venture back to another salon so I can try more colors. xoox

  7. Love this new added edition! I’d love to know what you’re using on your hair-from shampoo & cond, to pre-blow dry and post too! It always looks so healthy and shiny!

  8. Loved this post Andee! I bought the Nordstrom leather jacket from your sale post the other day and I’m obsessed with it- so thank you for posting about it! I would love to see a beauty post on how you do your eyeliner so perfectly (I can never get mine right) and also a skincare routine!

  9. Greetings from Brisbane, Australia! So excited for this new part of the blog! Would love a tutorial on your everyday “mum” makeup look coz lord knows I could use a little inspo in that area 😂 also will you ever do YouTube videos / tutorials? Would love that!

    1. Thanks so much love…i will definitely share my everyday 5 minute mom makeup in a post for sure ;)) Also have thought about video tutorials but think ill play around on snapchat with it first 😉

  10. Great post! Did you take those multivitamins while nursing or did you wait until you were done? My hair and nails are in need of a boost but currently nursing!!! Even gel doesn’t stay on my nails for longer than a week and a half 🙁

    1. You know I was still just taking my prenatals while I was nursing and switched back to the Maxi Hair when I was done. Definitely make sure you’re taking some kind of vitamin while nursing as I am sure you’re already exhausted;))

  11. Love this beauty talks idea!! Thank you cause I asked you in Snapchat a post about your makeup so I can’t wait. And thank to take the time to answer on Snapchat!
    Happy new year from Paris 😉

  12. Love this!! So I would love a eye shadow tutorial…your eye makeup is always on point!! Also, do you have eyelash extensions? Your lashes are amaze!
    Thanks 💜

  13. I just ordered those vitamins off of Amazon, thanks so much! Also for the dry heel, I always put lotion on my feet at night and then put socks on, that will immediately keep the moisture locked in and it really helps so your feet are nice and soft in the morning! Thanks so much love!

    1. thanks babe take the vitamins religiously and you’ll notice a big difference in how fast your hair and nails grow! And thanks for the tip on the socks! I SO need to do it but just hate sleeping in socks lol

  14. Oh I love this addition to your blog! So many salons just have the gel colors and not the names though 😝. Do you find it in the non gel color and tell them that’s what you want??

    1. yes mine does that too! But after they finish putting it on I just ask to see the name on the bottom of the bottle ;)) And most of the times i pick the same ones lol

  15. We chatted on Snapchat already, but I’m just so excited about this series! You are the beauty queen in my book! Some post requests…
    -tutorials & color names for some different eye shadow looks because eyeshadow is where I struggle the most and yours is always amazing
    -regular beauty upkeep routine – i.e. do you get your brows waxed, get facials, etc.?
    -what do you do for hair removal? (is that TMI? hahaha. I just always like to know what other ladies are doing!)
    -favorite eye creams

    I’m sure I’ll think of some more over time 🙂

  16. Love the new series and loveeeeeeee following your blog! Thanks for sharing all your glam secrets and helping the rest of us stay beautified 🙂

    O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream is the best kept secret! So cheap and the only thing that has ever worked for me. I’ve gotten a few friends addicted, I think you’ll love it too xxoo

  17. I’m always wondering what kinds of beauty rituals other ladies are doing to stay looking young like Botox, fillers or chemical feels etc for the skin…I feel like I need to get in the game with some of these while still looking au natural SO I’d love a post about that!!

  18. love this and i have always admired how well you keep up with your nails and the colors you use, so will definately check these out!! I am an AVID follower of your nutrition posts, so would LOVE to see more of those

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