Beauty Talk Tuesday // My Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

I hope you girls all had an amazing Valentines Day! I wanted to get this Beauty Talk Tuesday up on Tuesday 😉 but yesterday was a crazy day so here we go with this weeks beauty post! Today i’m sharing my go to eyebrow tutorial and the eyebrow products I use on the daily. It’s safe to say I definitely had some not so great eyebrows years but I finally am happy with them and wanted to share some easy tip for my girls who need a little help in the brow department!


My holy grail eyebrow crew

I know there are a million different eyebrow products out there and it can be overwhelming to say the least. I tried a a ton but I’ve been using this Brow Zing Kit for YEARSSS and LOVE it! I use the #5 palette and it’s seriously the BEST! The color selection is great and it goes on super easy too. Smashbox gifted me This Brush in an AMAZING PALETTE (I’ve raved about before) last year and it has turned into my go brush. I love that it’s double ended and I can use the shadow brush on the end to add a little depth to my crease everyday.

So here is my natural brow…..



I’ve never really had great full brows. It wasn’t that I ever really over plucked in high school or anything. I just was never blessed with full thick brows (thankfully Ava got her daddy’s brows ;). I have always had to fill them in.



I try not to go too overboard and just keep them natural looking by lightly filling them in and adding a little length on each end.


LOVE This Stuff!

Now here is my quick and easy 3 minute eyebrow tutorial I do everyday!


There’s quick trick you can do the help you figure out where your start, arch and finish should be. Take your eyebrow brush and align it vertically to your nose. That should be where your brow begins.


Next Angle your brush out from your nose and that is where your arch should hit


and lastly angle it out again from you nose (like shown above) and you can see where your finishing point should be.



I first start with the tinted wax in my kit as I feel like it’s not as strong as the actual shadow section and is a little more forgiving when you’re trying to set the shape of your brows.


I take the tinted wax and basically trace out the shape I want and then fill in the about 70% of my brows with it.


I then go in with the powder side and lightly go over the areas that need a little more TLC/ filling in.


I always make sure to hit that first inner corner of the brows with quick and short vertical brush strokes. It helps create the illusion of actual hairs (when there are none).


After I’ve filled them in I take one of those double ended beauty Q-tips and dip it in a little makeup remover. Using the pointed tip I will go back in and clean up any mistakes and the places I got a little carried away with.


A brow setting gel is a MUST. I’ve used This One from Mac for years but recently go This Drugstore Version by ELF for under $3! and honestly it works just as great so far.


Next I will go in with my brow highlighter right under my brow bone and then blend it out with the rounded tip of my beauty Q-tip.


and lastly I always like to go in with a little highlighter or eye pencil and add a little glow directly under the brows and on the inner corners of my eyes. It just adds a little extra POP.


and again using the rounded end of my beauty Q-tip to blend it out.


and that is my everyday 3 minute brow tutorial for my girls who weren’t blessed with big full brows!

I know everyone is on a microblading kick but honestly I am a little nervous to try it because of how intense I’ve seen some of them look. I know girlfriends that LOVE it but I also wonder if maybe somedays maybe you don’t want to have drawn on brows?  Have you ladies done it and love it? I’m not completely  opposed to it but would have to find someone that does a really natural looking job. Okay now i’m rambling but feel free to share your experience too!

and here are  a few other products used in this post…

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  1. Andy,

    Do you tweeze, trim and or wax or do you have it done? What’s your preference In a perfect world I’d get facials every month and just have them kept up but haven’t yet found the time! Thanks for this great tutorial.


    1. hi love I know I am going to attempt to get a facial once a month now. I have been so bad about getting them and feel like I’m definitely at an age where my skin needs a little more TLC 😉 As for the eyebrows I really don’t do any of that I only tweeze random hairs here or there bc I really just don’t have much to tweeze!

    1. These little razors are great – I love them! Microblading is different though… microblading is like tattooing, but it lasts a few years instead of forever. The artists draws tiny hairs (micro blades of hair)…

  2. I love this. Mine have been sparse for years due to overplucking and I’ve gone through bad shape years and good ones. I made the decision last year to get the base tattooed on and then do microblading over it. I unfortunately had a bad artist and when she did the microblading part, it was all for nothing because those “faux hair strokes” came off with the peeling process. So I have been using the bbrowbar pen to draw in hair like strokes and my brows look the best they have in years and with much less morning maintenance. I do plan to go to a different artist and do the microblading again so I hopefully have no maintenance in the mornings. I might try out some of the products you suggested though!

    1. oh thanks so much for sharing Morgan and bummer yours ended up peeling off. I’ll have to look into that bbrow pen! It is totally a pain having to fill them on the daily ;(

  3. Hi Andee, you look gorgeous as always. Thanks for this post, I will definitely be trying out the Brow Zings. I currently use Anastasia products and just bought the NYX eyebrow pencil but wanted a more relaxed look so this post is perfect! Your brows look natural. I’ve also thought about microblading because I hate doing my brows EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! Ugh, such a drag lol…. I came across and she is good at what she does. Only downside is that she is extremely booked. Check her out though, maybe we’ll both get the courage to go through with it haha!

    1. Thanks so much love and for sharing that website. I will check her out now. I totally hear you on how annoying it is to fill in the brows everyday. I’ve also heard really good things about anastasia products but have yet to try. Is there a particular one you love and recommend? xoox

      1. I like the brow wiz pencil from Anastasia, only thing is that I have to buy one every month. So I started purchasing the Dipbrow pomade (also from Anastasia) and it lasts monthssss and it’s only $18. So you definitely get your money’s worth. If you decide to give the pomade a go, a little goes a longgg way, so keep that in mind.

  4. I don’t think you linked the correct brush. The brush you linked has a smudger on one side. Yours has bristles on both ends. I think you can only buy that brush with the palette

  5. I went ahead and did microblading about a year ago and I am so happy I went through with it! Yes, they will look darker than normal the first few days, but it does fade to a natural color. The other great thing about microblading is that they are SEMI permanent, so you can always change the shape if you want! I had no brows before the microblading, so when I don’t have them filled in, they look SO UNVELIEVABLY NATURAL. I actually wish they looked like they were filled in 24/7 so when I go in for my touch up, I’m probably going to do the ombré/powder brows instead of microblading. I went to a girl who has a place in LA and OC! She is a miracle worker and her Instagram is @mzcindyv 🙂

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