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Alright lovelies it’s Beauty Talk Tuesday and today i’m talking all things LASHES! Probably my most asked question from SnapChat and InstaStories are about my lashes so today i’m sharing my must have serum, mascara and also my past experience with eye lash extensions!





If you’ve asked on instagram or snapchat you girls know the answer the eyelash question is “no, I currently do not have eyelash extensions”. I actually had eyelash extensions 8 years ago, before all these lash salons started opening up. I did LOVE them but honestly they were super expensive (around $200 a set and then I think about $75 a fill about once a month if I remember correctly) and the upkeep was a bit much. Maybe things have changed now and they aren’t as expensive (let me know if you currently do them). I will say they really do make a big difference but my eyes would get itchy and then a couple months in I started having a random reaction to the glue they used. Not to mention when they start falling out they look a little CRAY until you get into to get a fill. All that being said I have been curious about trying them out again because maybe they use better glue now. The hard part is finding someone who makes them look natural. So to be continued on that!

But what I have been using for a last five years is This Eyelash Serum (also available HERE) and it has been AMAZING! I know there are million eyelash serums on the market today but I can only speak on the one I have personally been using. I first found this serum before I was pregnant with Ava by a YouTuber I love and trusted. Being that I have lighter eyes I was concerned about the serum changing the pigment of my eyes. She also had lighter color eyes and so I went for it and never looked back! I’ve mentioned it before but I also have CRAZY sensitive skin especially around the eyes so I started with just a small outer corner for a couple days to see if I would have a reaction and I didn’t! If you’ve been thinking about trying a lash serum I highly recommend THIS ONE!

You won’t start seeing a noticeable difference for about 3-4 weeks but all of a sudden BOOM you’ve got serious lashes! The only bummer is you legit have to use it RELIGIOUSLY! Even when you’ve achieved the length you want. As you go through your natural lash cycle and shed lashes you want to make sure they all look even, so using it continuously will help with that. You won’t grow new lashes so if you’re looking for fullness maybe opt for the extensions but let me tell you the length will make a HUGE difference. A tube is under $80 and will last you probably around 6 months. Now it is becoming harder to find and sells out pretty quickly at major retailers but you can also find it HERE. When I can’t track it down anymore This One will be my second choice to try as i’ve heard really good things. Lastly for you ladies asking about my favorite mascara…. I have a few in rotation but This One by Too Faced has been my go to for over 5 years now!


I hope this was helpful for you girls and please let me know if you have other questions about it and ill try to answer them for you! As always if you girls have any lash advice or products your loving myself (and i’m sure other readers) would love to hear! 

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  1. I bought an eyelash serum off that website and I hope what happened to me doesn’t happen to you. I got a really bad eye infection. I contacted the eye lash serum company and they told me that it’s most likely old or a fake and that they couldn’t help me. I just wanted to let you know. Hope it works out for you

  2. Great post!
    I have a question that’s not related to the above topic buuut was wondering if you lighten your eye brows or do u colour your hair. I notice that ur brows are a few shades lighter than ur hair and it looks so pretty! I want to lighten mine but I’m terrified of the possible outcome. Anyway would love to know (maybe a future post..?)

    1. Hi babe so i do color my hair a tad bit darker but my hair is super dark naturally. I don’t tint or color my eyebrows I just fill them in with a brow palette. As much as I want to try microblading I’m a little scared because I’ve seen some intense microblading jobs! So not sure I’m ready to commit to that yet 😉

    1. ya I think the upkeep of it is kind of a lot and also its SO hard to find someone who does the more natural look. Most of the extensions I’ve seen are a bit intense. I found a place in LA that looks great but that would just be too far to schedule fill appointments.

  3. Your eyelashes are sooo pretty! I tried Latisse. I have brown eyes, but had heard stories that it can make your eyelids look bruised if you have lighter skin (affects skin tones up to about medium/olive). I did not have that problem and my eyelashes did look amazing. However, one side effect was that I started getting hairs growing around my eye. Apparently, this is quite typical since the Latisse does spread a bit. I stopped using it. I might try a different serum, but remembering to apply daily seems to be challenging for me. 🙂

    1. AHHH yes i know what you mean I felt like I experienced a little bit of the same sort of thing a couple years ago. Then I just started using less and also apply an eye cream too and dont have that problem anymore xo

  4. As a lover of lash extensions myself I have to say that you need to find someone who knows what they are doing!! I have experienced the good and the bad! Totally depends on the person applying them, I had one chick who I loved her application and the way they looked but it did a number on my real lashes. And by number I mean my real lashes fell out!! So I have taken a break and have just been applying falsies at the moment. Which aren’t so cute when you forget to take them off at night and your kids wake you up by screaming “there’s a spider on your pillow!!!” Good times. I am going to do them again and the cost is still about the same. I was paying 50 for the fill. I also took the time to make sure I wasn’t being rough with either. I am a eyeliner addict so I also tend to where more of a liquid liner when I have them because it washes off easier. I am also going to try this serum!! Thanks for the rec!

    1. oh course babe I hope you love it too! I know there are a ton of good ones out there but this is the only one I’ve been using and really love it. Oh and yes I love putting on some strip lashes too! My favorite are Ardell Demi WISPIES!

  5. My story sounds similar to yours, had lash extensions years ago and loved them. Then also had a reaction to the glue and had them removed. I recently decided to try again, and I was told they could use a hypoallergenic glue. Well the same thing happened within 24 hours, same reaction and had to have them removed again. Now I just stick with the serums too!

    1. oh bummer! But glad you shared this though. I had been possibly contemplating doing them again but i feel like I would have the same reaction too. The serum really is seriously so much lower maintenance though right?!

  6. OH MY GOD! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for Lilash! I used it a few years back and haven’t been able to find it as they don’t sell it in beauty supplies anymore! Thank you Andee!!!! Love you girl!!! And cannot wait to try that mascara! 🙂

    1. Thanks hun, so glad you’re enjoying them too. Xoxo You know i should probably update the post bc a lot of you girls have asked that. No I stopped using for both pregnancies and while I was nursing just to be on the safe side. And let me just add that I definitely missed my long lashes lol

  7. You must try Grande Primer. You can get on amazon. My aesthetician introduced me to it and it’s life changing. I just put a nice coat of it on and top with my regular black mascara and instant length!!!

  8. You should start doing tutorials ! It seems like you get a lot of beauty products and have a ton of items . Do you have a YouTube channel ??

  9. Castor oil works wonders for lashes and brows and it’s super cheap! I bought a disposable mascara tube off Amazon and poured some of the oil into it. It makes application so easy!

  10. Hey girlie! Im a lash stylist..if you want to try them again definitely find someone around that is with Xtreme lashes..their glue is hypoallergenic and approved by FDA. they are one of the top lash extension companies around if not the top one in the industry.. you can find a stylist in your area BY going to their website! Love your blog been reading it for years! Xx

  11. Thanks for the tip!
    I was thinking of buying Revitalash, do you have experience with it/opinions from friends? Very curious 🙂
    xox Lyn

    1. you know I havent used that one before but I am sure it works well too. I feel like a lot of the serums now are probably pretty much the same. Sorry wish I could be of more help love xo

  12. I’ve been using LiLash for about nine months and it is fabulous! I got mine from eBay and it’s been legit. I also do get lash extensions and my girl is amazing!
    That’s the link to a well known lash extension company and they certify people to use their products (or something to that effect) but you can search for people in your area that work with their products and mine look natural and don’t get crazy looking in between fills. I go every two weeks but I’ve been four week without a fill before and they’ve been acceptable haha

  13. Your lashes look AMAZING! I am definitely going to try that lash serum. 🙂 You had mentioned you have sensitive eyes. I was wondering if you recommend any specific eye creams? Thank you so much. Love your blog! Michelle

  14. Hi there! I got hooked to LiLash after you posted about it and now I’m having the hardest time finding it. Do you have any online shops you get it from besides overstock? Or maybe you have another brand you would recommend?


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