Beauty Talk Tuesday // Drug Store Favorites

Alright babes it’s Beauty Talk Tuesday and today i’m sharing all my favorite go to drug store products! I love a good beauty buy as much as the next girl so these are all items I use on the daily and won’t break the bank!

Okay lets start with my favorite items everrrrr these lip liners by NYX. I probably get most excited when I cruise the NYX aisle at Ulta. The selection is huge, the product quality is great and their colors are on point! These three lip liners are the bessssst and I always stock up! You will thank me later!

Nude Beige, Natural and Nude Truffle

These three colors are the shizzzz ! I just throw on a little chapstick and one of these lipliners and I’m out the door!

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So many of you have requested my winger liner tutorial and I promise you it’s coming soon! This is the liquid eyeliner I have been using for about 2 years now. I love how deep the black is (sometimes with liners they tend to lighten up when applied but this one is a super solid/contrast black) and that it doesn’t budget all day! It’s only $5 and is ammmazing.  If you’re just starting out I would recommend spending a little more and getting This One (I used to use for years). The tip is a more firm and would probably be easier to apply for beginners.

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If you saw on insta stories yesterday Maybelline sent me a killer box of goodies. These Master Strobing Liquids immediately caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to swatch them out.

From Left to Right we have Deep , Medium and Light

These strobe creams are great if you’re looking for a highlighter on a budget. I wore the Light color out yesterday and really loved it. They pack a huge punch so just use them sparingly. I tapped a little down the bridge of my nose and tops of my cheekbones for a subtle glow. They actually remind me SO much of two that I used to use by Benefit. The Light one is very similar This One by Benefit and the Deep color reminds me of Benefits High Beam Highlighter (my go to for Summer months). Either way these are great drug store highlighter options and a little goes a long way!

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Okay I will confess I am totally a lazy smokey eye girl. I don’t like to spend 20 minutes using 15 different products to create a look I probably  could have just done with three. I like to use a few products that pack a punch and move on to the rest of my makeup (maybe that’s the mom life in me now that i’m constantly rushed to get ready these days). Oh the days when you use to go upstairs an hour before you were going to leave to start getting ready ha! Now it’s like a mad dash trying to get ready in 10 minutes when your husband has already given you the “i’ll be in the car” lol.

Okay sorry getting side tracked here. Back to the smokey eye…So these NYX Jumbo sticks are kind of my lazy girl version to the Mac Paint Pots I used to use as a base. I own them in at least 10 different colors depending on what look i’m creating. They glide on really easily, are super budget friendly and give your shadow a little boost and something to stick to. I apply them all over my lid and take them up in my crease, apply a shadow to my lid, a different shadow in my crease, then throw on some liner and mascara and call it a damn day. 😉

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Ahhh yes the good ol’ Crest White Strips! Ladies I have used these for YEARSSSSS. I’ve turned down some seriously good paying collaborations with teeth whitening companies because these budget friendly babies really do work. I tend to just stick with the classic strips (they’ve changed the name over the years but basically the cheapest ones they make) bc I used the advanced strips once and my teeth were super sensitive to them. I only use these occasionally now for a little maintenance but depending on your whitening needs you will definitely see a difference after a couple weeks of use. Anyone else use these too?!

I don’t use false lashes as much any more because my lashes are super long now from the serum I did a post on HERE but when I do, Ardell are my absolute FAVORITE! The Demi Wispies are the BEST! They make them with a beginner friendly tool HERE and I also love the Half/End pieces HERE! If you are already skilled applying falsies I always loved using the individual pieces for a more natural look. I mix the short and medium lengths starting with the short at the middle of the eye and finishing with a couple long pieces on the outer corner.

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This Contour Stick is my drug store go to! I use it daily in Toffee and is great budget friendly option to my favorite Bobbi Brown Stick.

I’ll be completely honest, now that I have long lashes (as mentioned above because of the serum I use // post HERE) it’s pretty hard to go wrong with mascara. For a drug store option I use this Falsies Push Up Angel Masacara. I love the thinner curved brush and it provides volume and length without clumping .It just does an overall good job. But when I had no lashes during my pregnancies (for some reason with both pregnancies I lost lashes and  was left with  short stick straight lashes ) This Mascara did wonders and was definitely worth a higher price point.

You girls know I will never give up My Holy Grail Concealer but as far as a budget friendly options This Brightening Creamy Concealer by Mayebelline is pretty great. I have some serious Sicilian dark under eye circles so I feel like I need something heavy duty like my Clea De Peau concealer but for weekday errands and super light makeup days these have been great! I wear the Medium 40 shade. If you have moderate under eye circles these would be perfect for you! Also if you have a drug store concealer your obsessed with please share! I also have been hearing good things about This Instant Age Rewind Concealer as well.

and a couple other items…

I use These Burts Bee’s Sensitive Makeup Wipe Removers

This NYX liner in Golden Bronze just about everyday (makes those green/blue eyes pop)

and as fas as drug store foundations I tend to spend a little more money on my foundations but if you use one you love PLEASE SHARE! I used L’oreal True Match back in the day and just tried This One by Maybelline that was in the box I shared on Insta-Stories the other day. I’ve only worn it once so don’t want to give you a full review on it yet but I was actually pleasantly surprised with it. They package was not great at all ( like you’re almost dipping into a sponge of foundation… I know sounds gross ) but the coverage, color and quality was actually pretty good. So will wear it a few more times and give you a fill review soon.

Okay hope I didn’t ramble on too much 😉 and you girls are still enjoying these posts!

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  1. LOVE the maybelline instant age rewind – I use the brightener shade. I also have those darn sicilian dark circles so I’m forever looking for the right product and I always go back to the Maybelline brightener. I also use it on top of other products.

  2. I loved this post and now have some new products on my list to try! I agree that that Falsies mascara is quite good, especially when used over a primer to get a little more volume!
    Recently I’ve been using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as a dupe for my much-loved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and it’s pretty good! Not quite as good, but for 1/4 of the cost, I like it enough! The consistency is nice and light – very easy for blending and subtle highlighting.

    Jacy |

    1. yes I find the falsies is really good about keeping your lashes from clumping. OH and I will have to try the fit Me Foundation since i love the stick! xo

      1. I’ve been happy with the Fit me concealer too! I think I need to pick up a couple of those NYX eye pencils. Love these posts 🙂

  3. Gurlll…you are as real as it gets in the blog world! I really appreciate your genuine and honest product reviews…please keep ’em comin!!!

  4. Omg you totally made me laugh! My husband always tells me “I’ll wait for you in the car” 30 minutes later, I come out!!!! I have 5 little girls (7,6,5,4 and 1)to get ready plus myself so hey, he shouldn’t be rushing me, lol

  5. Like you, I 100% mix my high-end Nordstrom makeup with my drug store finds and I was dying to try that new Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation that has been all over the press lately. I honestly cannot believe the quality- This brand really has stepped up their game with all the new packaging and new formulas. (It actually reminds me of Lancome Photogenic Foundation).

    At just under $6 I have been wearing it to the office every day this week and saving my $$$ foundation for the weekend outings! I do love NYX so much and use many of their products but haven’t tried any of their foundations just yet!

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