Beach Style: One Sarong Worn Three Ways

Beach weather is in full effect and today i’m sharing my go to beach look with one sarong worn three different ways. I love sarongs because they’re comfy, practical, effortless and still look fashionable as well! (win! win!)
The first way to wear it a simple dress like style.
Wrap it around just like you would a towel and tie in the front.
My go to way to wear it is like a high waist skirt. I wrap it just above my belly button and tie in a knot.
Photos by SteadyJenny
and lastly is the around the neck later style. You wrap again like you would a towel and just take each end and bring it across to the opposite shoulder tying behind the neck.
Issa de Mar bikini
Acacia Sarong
*and here are a few more options at different price points
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  1. LOVE the last one! But I'm pretty sure you could have done the same post with a paper bag and made it look absolutely amazing 🙂 Gorgeous mama!!

  2. I was never one for following fashion and beauty blogs until I accidentally came upon yours one day. You inspired me so much, that I actually started my own blog a few weeks ago! Thank you for being genuinely beautiful. Your little family seems sweet. Keep doing you!


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