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It feels so good to finally have all the big ticket items checked off our to get this! I posted a couple of these pics on Instagram last week but thought I would share them on here as well….

We finally decided on our crib. It wont be delivered for a couple weeks but that’s okay as we are planning on using a co sleeper for the first few months anyway. We went with the Larkin crib in white from Pottery Barn kids. Its a 4 way converter which can basically be used for the next 10 years so think it was money well spent!

My sister in law bought us the baby cooker from William & Sonoma we wanted! Im so excited to be able to make our own food for her once she can start eating regular food. Our stroller also came in a couple weeks ago and have to say I LOVE it! We went with the UPPAbaby Vista. I love the black on black and it seems to be pretty easy to use so far. Ill keep you posted once we really get to test it out when she arrives! We also took a car seat class to learn how to properly install it and her in it!

Baby gates are installed! Even though Ava won’t be needing them for a bit we figured we better put them up now before our little nephew comes to town.

Our little co sleeper is all ready for her!! Have you mamas used a co sleeper before? ?! We are REALLY going to try to not have little Ava in bed with us but haven’t heard to many parents that have been successful with that. Any advice or tips would be GREATLY appreciated! xo

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  1. Hi there! And congrats!! I am so excited and happy for you!! I also had a daughter and I can't believe she will be 1 next month!! Time does fly and everyday I wish she would stay little so i can cuddle with her.. 😀 I have the Uppa baby, and it's great!! i am on the petite side and it can get a little heavy lifting in and out of the car, but not enough to where I would choose a different stroller. I've taken it everywhere! and the space below is awesome for shopping!!! I also had her in the co-sleeper until she was 6 months. Just having her at arms lenght and being able to rest comfortably while she naps safety is a big plus in having her in the co-sleeper. Believe me you'll need your rest and having her there instead of the bed is the safest was to get some zzz's in my opinion. Again Congrats!!!!

    1. oh love to hear that! I was worried about the weight of the stroller as well but seems like all the better ones are a little on the heavier side. I did notice the extra shopping bag space below as well 🙂

  2. I loved having our son sleep with us because he slept better and longer hahaha which meant I got more sleep! He transitioned to his room fine. I did have a pack n play with a bassinet next to me but after a couple weeks of no sleep I just started letting him sleep next to me and thing went much smoother. He had a teddy that I would put near him when he was in his pack n play and i think that comforted him seeing it next to him when I wasnt holding him to sleep. Hes gonna be 2 next week and he still sleeps with that bear every day. every nap. he carries it all day. So it must of been comforting when he was a little baby. baby num 2 for us is coming in july 🙂 so idk yet what we will do with her. i think whether they sleep well with you or on their own all just depends on the baby.

    1. thank you thats what i keep hearing is that every baby is so different. Im hoping she takes to her co sleeper so ill be keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  3. Hi There – Just got introduced to your blog a few weeks ago, love all your posts. A little advice for you… We have a 3 year old and another babe on the way. Our daughter never slept in bed with us, simply because we never let that be an option and it is very unsafe. We had a co-sleeper next to the bed as well and when she woke up at night and nursed I would just place her back in her sleeper and all was happy. I truly believe that if you lay the ground work that she has her space and Mommy & Daddy have their space then she won't think any different. Of course morning snuggles in bed are wonderful but if you keep it to that then you won't have to worry about her being 5 and still sleeping in your bed. I'm sure you guys will do great. having a child is unbelievable but a daughter is even better. Congrats!

  4. Congrats on the baby girl! I know shes going to be gorg. I am also expecting a girl in July and really enjoy your baby posts. Can you tell me what kind of baby bag you plan to get/use??…im so torn in my decisions. Good luck & God bless.

  5. Your crib is adorable!

    From a nurses perspective, having your baby sleep in your bed (co-bedding) can be dangerous, it increase the chance of Sudden Infant Death syndrome, not to mention accidently rolling over on your baby can lead to broken bones and asphyxiation, a bassinet or the co sleeper are smart choices, and dont forget put baby Back to bed, back sleeping is the current recommendation.

  6. All your purchases are great!!! I love the stroller and the food processor. For our first daughter, the first month we used a snuggle nest that you place in the middle of your bed. It was sort of uncomfortable for my husband because he thought he might hurt the baby. I also had a bassinet which I used for a couple of months and then transitioned her to her crib. It was good I did not let my daughter sleep with us because a year later I had another baby and that would have been difficult. The crib you chose is nice and so versatile. I just love white rooms for little girls. I agree with Mommy and Daddy having their space. It is difficult at first to have the baby sleep on her own in her own room and it's just easier to have her with you because you are so in love with that little person and want to make sure she is okay but ir is so much better for you and your husband in the long run. Congrats to you, it is such a rewarding experience and enjoy every second because the time flies and before you know it your 6 year old is asking when she is going to get a cell phone. Hahaha.

  7. Honestly, I'm all for co-sleeping the first couple of months because I'm deathly afraid of SIDS. When my son was in bed with me, I always knew he was breathing. I then transitioned him to his own bed/crib when he was able to lift his head, turn his head, roll over, etc on his own. There is nothing wrong with what you choose, it's what you feel good about doing.

    1. Thanks love…we also got one of those angel care monitor systems that you put under them while they sleep to monitor the heart rate but I've heard mixed reviews on them. xo

    2. I was just reading the comments, I love hearing how other mom's & babies figured out the whole sleeping situation…because every baby is so different.

      One thing I saw on Zulily that is great is the Snuza Halo movement monitor. It's a small little device that you clip to the baby's diaper and there is a soft piece that rests on their belly. If, for some reason, they stop breathing after 15 seconds, it will vibrate. If they still do not breathe, it will start beeping really loud and continue to vibrate to try to wake the baby up. It gives me a lot of piece of mind & luckily hasn't beeped or vibrated yet.

  8. I am brand new to your blog, so congratulations!! I just wanted to say that I loved my UppaBaby Vista, good choice! And though I didn't co-sleep (I had a bassinet next to the bed) I think it's a wonderful option. Don't stress about the bringing baby into bed thing… whatever you choose will work for you! I never intended to share our bed with the baby, but inevitably there are early mornings when he ends up tucked in with us to try and get a little more sleep. Now that my older son is a toddler who refuses to lay in bed with us, I cherish those cuddles with my little one. Enjoy and try not to stress! 🙂

    1. so glad you were happy with your uppababy vista as well! The co sleeper is like a bassinet that just gets pushed next to your actual bed so I am hoping she likes it! xo

  9. Ahhh everything looks so great! Thank you for mentioning a co-sleeper – I never even knew those existed. It's definitely an option I'll be considering when the time comes for me to have a little one.

    Best of luck with the next few days/weeks of your pregnancy. Can't wait to see her!


  10. I just found your blog recently and love it! I just a little baby girl a couple of months ago and we used a co-sleeper initially and it seemed to work pretty well for the most part. We never had her in the bed with us. She is now 3 months old and one night we just put her in her crib (in her room), put the monitors on and thought we'd see how it went – she is now sleeping through the night on her own at only 3 months! I wish you luck and congratulations!

  11. Aww so excited for you, that's a lovely crib! I put esra straight into her cot from day 1, as we're sharing a room I hardly ever take her into our bed at night, it wil be ok 🙂 I wish u a speedy and easy delivery and can't wait to see little Ava!

  12. Ava is a lucky little lady! It's so sweet to read about your journey to be devout and caring parents, it is truly beautiful. I wish you the best of luck with delivery! We're all anticipating Ava's arrival with you!

  13. How exciting! You two are such amazing parents to have it all so ready and so beautiful too.
    by the way, i'm seriously in love with your stairwell… STUNNING.

  14. I don't know a lot about it myself but one of my best friends recently had a beautiful baby boy and she is a nurse and it came up in conversation and she told me that having your baby sleep in your bed with you is way too dangerous to make it worth it. Even if you think you are aware of what you are doing, you could be in a deep sleep and not have control over where you move etc. In my opinion, it's just not worth the worry. I hope you'll have luck with that co-sleeper! I've never even heard of those!

    That being said, I wish you a very speedy and pain-free labour!!! I hope all goes well with you and I can't wait to see pics of your beautiful little girl

    1. totally agree i think i would be so paranoid having her in bed with us so hoping this co sleeper is a good compromise! Ill let you ladies know how it goes.

  15. So exciting! I have never heard of a co-sleeper but it sounds like a great idea. BTW, in my culture, moms usually bathe their babies and then massage them with natural oils. It is sooooo relaxing for the baby that the baby sleeps very well and gets into a good regular sleep routine. My Mom used in on both my brother and I when we were babies.

  16. Andee, I don't usually comment but compelled to on this. Co-sleeping (like breastfeeding, how long to keep a baby in a rear facing car seat, how much tv, etc.) is such a hot topic. You're going to get so many opinions on this, some giving the benefits of crib sleeping, some with the benefits of co-sleeping. And like so, there will be hazards to crib sleeping and hazards to co-sleeping.
    There are no rights or wrongs. Depending on the culture you're in, co-sleeping can be looked down on or natural.
    With that said, I stressed myself my son's first year trying to fit the mold of what the "experts" said.
    The only expert is you. When Ava comes, I'm sure your motherly instincts will fill you in on what to do. If that means having her in bed with you, then that means so. And if not, then great too.
    You're going to be an amazing mama. I can tell with all the love you're putting into the well-being of your baby already.


  17. Love the new purchases, everything looks so wonderful! I love that baby food cooker-purees and such are so easy to make, no need for that smelly jar stuff, lol. I loved getting a glimpse of your home, it's beautiful as I expected 🙂

  18. We had the same co-sleeper and our little girl never slept in it. haha. We put it in the corner of the room & used it for middle of the night diaper changes. Our LO doesn't like sleeping flat so we had her in the bed with us (sleeping on me), then she moved to the "My Little Lamb" bouncer seat, which we put in the middle of the bed and now she sleeps in the "My Snugabunny" Rock n Play. She's been sleeping through the night since she was about 2.5 months old. We're going to try to transition her to the crib soon but she just doesn't seem to like laying flat. Good luck & congrats on your baby girl!! 🙂

    1. Gosh I guess you just really odnt know how its going to go until she gets here. Every baby is just so different. Thats amazing your baby has been sleeping through the night since 2.5 months!!!

  19. We let our daughter sleep with us and she never wanted to stop! We are trying to get her to sleep in her own bed still at 3 and have a co-sleeper for our newborn son right now but it is definitely easy to end up snuggling them in bed while you are nursing or feeding. I think every baby is different and as long as you are both getting sleep do what works best for you 🙂 xo

  20. I had my son last July and would highly recommend the Halo Sleepsack+Swaddle. My son would sleep so well when he was swaddled but he would come out of them and wake up in the night. I bought the sleepsack at Target and it was AMAZING!! He slept soo well in his crib and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any new parents. My sister just had a baby and she loves it as well. P.S lovely baby gear and home!! <3

    1. oh thanks melissa! I got some swaddle me pajama like things we are going to try out for her at night. Is that what your talking about? I saw those sleep sacks too so good to know! xo

  21. I co-slept with both of my children because it was so much easier with nursing. Plus, mothers have slept with their babies since the beginning of time. This whole concept of babies sleeping on their own is a new trend. As long a you feel comfortable co-sleeping and can do so safely, I highly recommend it.

  22. Hi Andee, we are using the very same co-sleeper for our 5-day-old son. The first couple nights were very hard and he refused to sleep in it, but the third night we finally had some success! We also decided to use it as a bassinet rather than attached to the bed like I originally had planned (because our bed wasn't high enough and it was too much hassle to get a new mattress), so it sits about a foot away from our bed rather than right next to it.

    All I can say is that everyone will have their own different experience and levels of success with it, and I hope our little one continues to use it and sleep in it longer and longer as the days go on (though it took some patience and getting used to). If you have trouble the first night or two, don't give up too fast and become frustrated like I initially was. It's probably normal as the baby is getting used to being out of his/her dark cave of your womb. =) Best of luck and I hope it works well for you!

  23. How exciting baby Ava is almost here! I love the stroller you have such great taste. Your home decor also looks great. If you don't mind me asking may I ask where you bought your rug? Is it a sisal rug?

  24. How exciting baby Ava is almost here! I love the stroller you have such great taste. Your home decor also looks great. If you don't mind me asking may I ask where you bought your rug? Is it a sisal rug?

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