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So its time to add yet another piece of baby entertainment to our living room. That makes four pieces and counting! lol We are on the hunt for an activity center for miss Ava and wanted to know which one you mamas recommend?

We really wanted the Baby Einstein around the world activity center as we heard GREAT reviews but it is sold out everywhere. Also its time to get a shopping cart cover and would love to know which ones you ladies are loving as well?  
I was eyeing the Balboa Baby cover but I read somewhere that they don’t fit over the Target shopping carts? I mean really we can have that! 😉
On a side note I tried these Lily Padz reusable nursing covers and absolutely LOVED them…for about three days. Then I got a crazy rash from them and had to go back to my Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. My other girlfriend told be that the same thing had happened to her as well. I was so bummed because these were so great! I will still use them when I wear a swimsuit but for not for everyday.
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  1. Oh bummer about the Lily padz…I have them for a day when I need them but haven't used them yet! Maybe at the beach then? And I'll be interested to hear what mamas suggest for the activity center!

    1. Definitely at the beach ill be using them but maybe you won't have an issue with them! Two other readers posted comments saying they didn't have any problems with the lilypadz! Wish they had worked for me!

    2. Be careful with the Lily Padz! I got two clogged ducts from them and OUCH it was painful! Fever, rash, and feeling like I had been kicked in the chest 🙁 I found out later that it's a common side affect since the padz don't let you drain naturally. xoxo – V

  2. Tell me about the house being invaded with baby gear. My girls are now 7 and 6 and even till this day, there is at least one toy in every room. Hahaha. Wait until your hubby starts taking her to the store for an errand and comes back with multiple items for her. Soo cute!!! Sorry for the ramble. As for the cart cover, I had both the Balboa baby cover and the floppy. The Balboa does not fit in the carts very well for some reason. I used the floppy for all the carts even the Costco ones. Their prints are not as cute as the Balboa ones but I think they are a little better than they were before. As for the entertainer, the Baby Einstein Neptune activity Saucer gets positive reviews as well. My girls used the Jumperoo and they liked it. I think the ones they have today have toys around them which is similar to the entertainer. Hopefully you find something that your precious baby will like!

  3. Hi! Love your blog. For our daughter, we got her the Baby Einstein around the world activity center and she loves it. I would highly recommend getting it if you can. We got ours in Amazon since its a bit cheaper and no tax 🙂

  4. We had the exersaucer that was rainforest themed (can't remember brand) and my little one loved it. I used the lily pads a few times and didn't have any problems with them. I also didn't need nursing pads much past the first few months so that was helpful. And I got a really cute shopping cart cover on and was very pleased with it. I picked out the fabric I wanted and it definitely fit the target basket 🙂

  5. Hi! We have the Baby Einstein for my daughter, but she actually doesn't like it! It only plays music briefly and I didn't think there was much for her to do. When we have our second baby, I am going to try a different brand, so I'll be looking for suggestions too! I have the Balboa shopping cart cover and I have never had any issues with it. I really like it!

    1. This is the exact one I have -
      And I've never had any issues with it at Target. It doesn't fit it perfectly, but it is definitely useable with their carts.

  6. Hi!! Love your blog! 🙂 We got the Rainforest FisherPrice Jumperoo and our little guy has loved hanging out in it looking at the lights since he was about 3 months old! He loves to go crazy and jump around getting even more excited when his little feet touched the floor! Good Luck & I hope you find one your little lady adores! 🙂

  7. The activity center is a MUST! My girls absolutely loved it! It was perfect if I needed to sneak in a quick shower because it would keep them entertained and safe. I got ours off Amazon!

  8. That activity center is the exact one we have and still use! It is great & Olivia loves it!!!! I also love that you can attach other toys to it, it is SO easy to clean and grows with your child! It was super hard to put together but was time consuming.

    We got a babies r us cover that can be used for a shopping Cart or over restaurant high chairs. It is awesome, has a couple places to attach toys and was so inexpensive! I think it was around $24.99.

  9. We have the Fisher Price Rainforest jumper (same as Sarah above)… we were about to get the Baby Einstein and a woman in the store told us she had to come back to get one without anything separating their feet from the floor because her baby outgrew it too quickly. Our little LOVES it and bounces his little heart out which is great exercise for him. I got the Infantino cover and the Floppy cart (one for each kid, different gender and I bought everything pink the first time aound.) I love them both! The Infantino is half the price and folds into itself in a little bag which is great but the Floppy comes in much more fun prints/colors!

  10. That grocery cart cover is so cute. I honestly wish I had one (even though I'm sans baby) just to keep the germs away from me!!

  11. Itzy Ritzy shopping cover and high chair cover. I bought the Licorice Swirl. It's very comfy and padded. Great quality and has washed very well. The white and black pattern doesn't clash with all of my other stuff.

  12. We have the Baby Einstein and LOVE, LOVE IT!! My daughter Ava is 2yrs old and still plays with it!(not in it just with the toys and music) I'm glad I saved it and that its gender neutral because I'm 38 weeks and having a boy! So, now they both can use it. Try and hold out until you can get your hands on one so worth it!

    1. My husband as informed me that I have no say in the jogger lol He already has his mind set on one. Once we get it ill let you know how it is. As for high chair Ava loves her Graco 3 in 1 but she hasn't really started eating whole foods in it yet so not sure how easy it to clean!

  13. Andee!!! I had my little girl right after you. I've been following your blog forever. It was so fun to be pregnant the same time as you! Anyway, I discovered those lily pads a week after having my babe. They are amazing. I was not just a leaky faucet but a broken hose! Try again and make sure you wash them every day in dawn dish soap, don't sleep in them, and continue to use lanolin cream with them. No rash here I promise!!

  14. I love the Lansinoh pads also. The lily padz on the other hand I would not recommend. Remember that breast milk has a high level of sugar, and if you wear a black bra, this is the perfect breeding ground for yeast,
    Also, if you don't allow your breasts to empty you can cause a milk duct to become plugged leading to mastitis (flu like symptoms usually requiring antibiotics for treatment.)

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