Ava’s First Christmas Tree

 Its Ava’s first Christmas and even though I’m pretty positive she won’t remember a thing from this year, it just makes Christmas so much more special being able to share all of the Christmas joy with her!  
Ava was mesmerized by her first Christmas tree!
and of course wanted to touch everything on the tree! 
If you follow the Honeybee on FB or Twitter you’ve seen that we put our tree up last weekend! I still have a few more decorations for the house I hope to put up later this week!
I’ve been eyeing this bright red wreath from Target for awhile now and  finally decided we NEEDED it for our Mantel. Our stockings are hung and were waiting for Ava’s…her’s is being specially made by her Memaw!  
How about you ladies…Do you have all your Christmas decor up already?! I always try to put it up right after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy them as long as possible! 
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  1. The house looks so festive! I love that you guys get to celebrate sweet Ava's first Christmas! I can't even imagine how much more fun it makes the entire holiday season. Enjoy!

  2. I love love love the pictures you took of Ava with the tree – it makes me so excited to one day have a baby of my own and to be able to share that feeling!

    Our outside lights and wreath have been up for 2 weeks now but we plan on finishing all the indoor decor this weekend – we have 2 trees to put up and I hope to come up with some sort of mantle decor so your picture is a great inspiration!

  3. Your tree is so beautiful and classy? Did you go with a fresh tree or an artificial one? I'm torn because my family has always gotten fresh trees, but I'm worried about my LO eating trying to eat pine needles, and artificial trees always look perfect. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  4. So beautiful! And the picture of Ava reaching for the tree is just perfect. What a wonderful Christmas keepsake! I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant, and we are so excited to celebrate with our little one next year. xo!

  5. I loooove everything about your style (home/clothes/etc.), so classy and stylish. This is totally random but can you do an updated hair style post??

    1. I'd love to know both but mostly how you get your soft curls/waves like in the IG pic of your new color! Thanksss 🙂

  6. Ava looks mesmerized by your beautiful tree! Soooo cute!! That red wreath is absolutely gorgeous. It looks amazing hanging on your mantel. BTW – thank you sooo much for the tip about the lululemon gym pants with a prego belly.

  7. Beautiful decor!
    First Christmas Trees are so fun- the Parents of the Child I care for- opted to putting a "child gate" around the tree because there was no stopping him! 🙂

    Love From,
    Manda @ Eat Cake

  8. Oh Andee, your pictures of Ava are so sweet. Your tree is something I'd see in Macys. I love your home decor also. You have such good taste. You're sooo lucky Ava that doesn't try to pull it down! We have our tree gated off. Lol 🙂

  9. Awwww sooooo pretty! I'm totally digging all of Ava's adventures babe! She is the most adorable tot around the blogosphere these days…I swear you NEED a tumblr just to capture her smiles! Can't wait to see how she opens up presents Xmas morn!

    Thank you for stopping by with such awesome feedback love! Hope to see you back soon to enter my giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. Love this post- so sweet! Your baby cheeks are tooo much!!
    Tree is beautiful!!!! Could you share where you could find pretty metallic ornaments- been looking for ones like the ball cluster ones forever 🙂

  11. The pictures of Ava mesmerized by your tree just melt my heart! I can't wait to have a little one. She is such a doll!

    Also, I LOVE your decor style!! Do you mind telling me where you purchased your sofa? The one with the "French" pillow? That shape is what I've been searching for!

    Thanks so much letting us peek into your lovely home 🙂

  12. Is there any way you could/would post some more pics of your Xmas tree? It looks like is amazing and I would just like to see more of if.

  13. Can you please tell me where you got the simple stocking hooks from? I can't find any that are simple and clean like yours. thank you!

  14. Hi Andee,

    I know you posted this picture a year ago, but I have come across your blog in the last month and I am forever a follower! I love how you have a mixture of high and low in your house/wardrobe! Could you please tell me where you got your coffee table and side tables from??

    Thank you!

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