Ava Update (2+ Years) Picture Overload

Alright loves today is a little Ava update. It has been FOREVER and a day since i’ve done one of those! I tend to post a bit more of her on Instagram because it’s a lot faster 😉 but thought i’d go into more detail in a full post. It feels like yesterday I was doing her monthly updates with all the little milestones but with this stage it seems a bit harder to find the time! That being said this age is SO much fun! I hear 3 and 4 are even better but right now I am just soaking it all in. Ava is now 27 months and has SO much personality. She is talking up a storm and has been for quite some time (definitely think she’s way advance in the talking department). The stuff she says has my husband and I cracking up literally all day. She can say her ABC’s (which I need to share a video because it sounds so cute!) and knows all her colors. Here are some random shots from the last couple months on my camera roll as well as some of our favorite products…

(Always stealing mamas sunnies)

She is pretty much potty trained but still wears a diaper at night (most mornings it’s still dry). We started a few months ago and the first few weeks were great. We got her this Toliet Ring and she was so excited to use the big girl potty. Every time she went we gave over the top praising (and even a little potty dance lol). Then after a few weeks she lost steam and didn’t want to do it anymore. So we introduced the magical potty, you know the one that makes music when you go (I mean who doesn’t want that ;). She LOVED it…for about 3 days and then also lost interest. So then we decided to only put her in big girl panties and braced ourselves for the accidents. We figured if she went in her underwear she would dislike it so much and not want to do it again. You should have seen our house we had towels on couches, rugs pulled up it was game time 😉 When they say you’re child has to be ready to start potty training I think they mean the parents need to be ready for potty training.
We literally had to ask her every 20 mins if she had to go to the potty (which 95% of the time she said no then only to go on floor 2 mins later). So lastly we broke out the gummy bears! (Yes bribery my friends) and it worked liked a charm. Every time she went potty she got a treat. About a week after doing this she started telling us when she had to go to the bathroom. Now she runs into the bathroom by herself when she has to go! So that is our potty training progress. If you have any tips feel free to share below as well!

Tricycle cruisin’ (Ava loves New Balance too 😉
I can’t believe how light her hair is getting! (Chaser tee/  Gap Shorts / similar Leopard Sneaks)
During the Summer we’re all about Rompers and Toms! (This one is from Gap and shoes HERE)
Oh the $1 section at Target! Get us every time 😉 Old Navy Romper / Toms
A few of you asked about our iPad case on instagram. I havent posted on it because for some reason I felt like all the mamas knew about this one already. If you have an iPad this is the case is the BEST invention! It has “feet” so it stands up straight (perfect for dining out!) and has “hands” so they can hold it on their laps. Its highly cushioned so when it falls its safe! I HIGHLY recommend it! This size is the iPad mini and we also have the iPad Air (fits iPad 2,3 and 4). 
On another note we switched out our go to sippy cup (above) because we were over all the little pieces! We love these by Thermos! They keep the drinks really cool are so much easier to clean! 
Sharing some ice cream curbside
(Mama’s target tank, shorts and  shoes  // Avas shoes and Batman tee)

 Ava is still sleeping in her crib (the mattress is lowered all the way to the floor). She doesn’t try to climb out anymore but I think we are going to transition her into a big girl bed very soon. I don’t know if we should get a little twin bed to start or just go straight into a bigger full size bed so we don’t have to keep buying beds. I’d love to know what you mamas did and what worked best for you!

Hope this was helpful and as always LOVE to hear what products you mamas are loving as well! 
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  1. Awww love her! Such sweetness!! So happy to hear about the updated potty training woohooo! Definitely need to buy that iPad cover!! Xx

  2. what time does your baby nap now?? just one nap? also what is your routine do you give her a bottle then put her down or do you cuddle her then put her down? Im struggling at this age w my 24 month old he doesnt want to do his morning nap anymore 🙁

    1. hi hun ava has been down to one nap a day for quite awhile. She naps in the early afternoon for about 1.5 to 2 hours most days. We just close the blinds, turn on her sounds machine and give her her blanky and she puts herself to sleep. No bottle but she usually naps about an hour after a big lunch.

  3. God, time flies!! I remember following your blog before you got pregnant!! Ava is sooo adorable and makes me want a little girl. I'm 21 weeks and finding out gender on Saturday and I can't wait!! If it is a girl I'll definitely want her to be as cutely dressed as Ava!!

  4. Ava has the best sneaker collection! 😉 We're all about the rompers too! I loved hearing the potty training update – I've been told there is a small window of opportunity at 18 months, so we're going to give it a try then. But I have heard the same thing – potty training readiness is mostly about when the parents are ready – it's a LOT of work! Love the Ava updates – keep 'em coming!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  5. Wow, I can´t believe what a big girl she already is! You can be so proud Andee! I´ve been following since Ava was born and eversince you make me want to have Kids immediatly 😉 Unfortunatly, altough I´m at your age, I still have to wait a year, until my job is "fully save".. But for now I´m soaking up everything you post about you and your daughter!
    Claudia from Munich

  6. We got our girls full size beds when we switched so we would have to buy new beds later on… with our son we got him a queen size so he will always be able to fit.

  7. Super cute little gal!! I love your blog, I have been following you for years. Such a classy lady. I have 6 year old boy and pregnant with a little girl now. I love her style with her cute sneakers. Ive already been buying a ton!! With my son we transformed his bed to the toddler bed from his crib, but honestly I didn't really like that set up so we bought him a full size bed and he still has it. Its perfect to grow up with in my opinion.

    1. aww that is so nice to hear thank you hun and for following along! I think I'm leaning toward the bigger bed as well so we won't have to keep buying beds!

  8. Love this post!! My daughter is just about to turn two and we are at the potty training stage too. We have had similar experiences to you, and whilst she can manage wees on her potty, we aren't getting there in time for the other things!! I am going to see if a little bit of bribery might work…the girl loves raisins-so lets give it a go!!
    I found that I was unsure what to do when we are out and about and I have just bought a potette, which doubles as a toilet seat and potty too…and it fits into my change bag too,so would definitely recommend this bit of equipment.
    Gorgeous photos too by the way!


    1. yes ava was a bit hesitant with going number 2 on there as well but finally got past that fear thankfully! And good to know about that toliet seat ill have to look into it!

  9. Loved this update!!! She is the sweetest! We converted right to a full size bed (which is greatly appreciated when she requires one of us to lay with her!) It was a challenge at first, but it was definitely time to make the switch with her terrible sleep regression. I just have to get used to her running into our room in the middle of the night and scaring the crap out of me lol.

  10. She is so adorable! Those curls!! What a lucky little girl. What cute clothes and those leopard sneaks are fun. She looks like both you and your hubby. Growing up so quickly!

  11. You were featured on Khloe Kardashian's webpage for style yesterday. She used a pic from your floral pants post 🙂 Pretty cool!

  12. Andee, love you and your daughter's fashionable picks. Can you recommend where I can purchase pretty dresses for my daughter who is 6 months old?

    1. hmm good question…whats the price range? My first pick would be Zara online! They have the cutest kids clothes …also you can snag some great simple but really pretty pieces from Gap or Peek (but Peek can be a bit pricey) hope this helps xo

    2. Price range is from 50 to 75 for a special occasion frilly dress. Thanks Andee, appreciate a blogger that responds to their readers! I have many of your baby posts bookmarked and referred to them almost daily when I was pregnant, shopping to prepare myself for the little one.

  13. Hi! OMG! I seriously love your blog, my daughter is one month older! We tranistioned her into a full size bed 3 months ago when we purchased a new home and needed the crib for our new baby 🙂 it works perfectly we just put up a baby gate and works like a charm, minus the random midnight walks into our room : / . I was wondering what apps u like for ur daughters ipad? I recently got her the iPad mini and can't find an app she's really into 🙂 thanks

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