Ava's (Almost) 16 Month Update

Ava is almost 16 months now and i’m still sticking with the theme “each month is better than the last”. Don’t get me wrong each stage DEFINITELY has its own challenges but to see my little love grow so quickly and become her own little person is the absolute best! I mean can I just tell you how excited I am for Halloween and Christmas this year?! 😉 I often catch myself just watching her with a big smile on my face. She is chatting up a storm and can say so many different things now. Her favorite words of course being “no” and “down” lol. Ava has officially found her independence and i’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting a little when she doesn’t want to be held as often.
  Ava is a little social firecracker! She loves playing with other kids and is not shy by any means. A couple weeks ago she transitioned down to one nap a day and can I just say that is GLORIOUS! 😉 She was never one to fall asleep just anywhere so having to plan your day around two naps was a bit more work. Now she will take about a two hour nap each day and lets just say mamas needs those 2 hours! This stage also takes exhaustion to the next level. There’s no sitting down and resting. I used to roll my eyes at the super models/actresses who said they stayed in shape by “running around after their kids”. Now I can kind of believe it! As far as eating there are no complaints here. I’m so thankful Ava is not a picky eater! Her favorites foods are blueberries, strawberries and anything we are eating 😉 She is still sleeping from about 7:30 to 7:30 and lets just say the hubby and I definitely need those few hours of quiet “us time” before we go to bed. 
Mamas girl! 
Her new favorite face to make 😉
The kissing bandit 

Dressing her is WAY more fun now! The older the get the cuter the clothes become.
Ava’s new BFF even if she is running away from her most of the time 😉
Seriously these two are just toooo much! xo
A lot of you asked about us piercing Ava’s ears. We did it at around 14 months and If we had to do it over again I would wait until she is much older. She didn’t cry much with the actual piercing but at 14 months she kept pulling on her ears to see what was on them. It was quite a bit of work for the first two weeks keeping her from tugging on them but now she doesn’t even notice them. I called my dermatologist office (as another mom recommended to get them pierced there ) but my office didn’t do ear piercings. So we just went to Claire’s at Fashion Island and it was totally fine. The girls there were great! 
There are ALOT of changes in your life when you have a little one. The exhaustion and selflessness can take a toll but I promise it’s all worth it. I’ve always loved my baby, she has and always will be my number one priority  but it did take awhile to adjust to being a “mom”. Not sure if anyone else felt that way but I’m just being honest. Don’t feel bad if your a new mom and feel like you haven’t quite settled into your new role yet, it will happen. I just said to myself the other day I really LOVE being a mom. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it’s true… having a child is a lot of work but once you do you couldn’t imagine your life any other way. 
I plan on posting an updated Baby Product Musts post tomorrow!
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  1. That face of hers in that second picture kills me!

    Yes, I couldn't agree more…being a mom is so exhausting and sometimes I could just cry from feeling overwhelmed. But it's worth it! You're doing an amazing job!

  2. I have no words….she is just the cutest little girl. Andee, I absolutely LOVE your blog and anxiously wait for new posts to show up 🙂 Although I do love the fashion/cosmetic posts, I must say seeing pictures of your family and lifestyle away from blogging is really nice and have become my favourite to read. I LOVE the first picture you posted!

  3. such a sweet little girl! That red and white striped top is probably the cutest thing ever. I used to work at babygap and would spend my whole shift planning out little outfits. The toddler clothes are SO cute! especially little girls stuff 😉 You look like such a great mama. I know this is a personal question but I am curious is you two are planning on having more children? I'm from a family of 4 kids and growing up so close in age was and still is the most amazing thing. Having each other is the most precious thing in my life. So I am just curious:) xo

  4. First, I am dying over those leopard sandals. Could she be any cuter!?!?! I totally agree with everything you said about being a mom. Gavin is 9 months and I am still getting used to it but you're right it is the BEST thing ever!!! 🙂

  5. Oh my, love her, she is absolutely adorable! Your honesty about being a mom is spot on–as a mom of an almost 9 month old, the transition from no baby to baby (and being on call 24 hours a day!) is totally exhausting and emotional. Those first 3 months were total doozies for us. I loved her, but wow. The love I feel for her now is insane…I joke that I'm borderline obsessed with her (but in a good way)! Sometimes I think my husband thinks I'm crazy, ha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE the pictures of you and Ava together!!! I love how you mention what a change it is to be a Mom – the selflessness, it is a 24 hr job. I used to be so used to doing things as I please, and now my 3 month old comes first. However, I could seriously give up EVERYTHING in my life for my baby – his smiles just melt my heart! 🙂 Thankfully I have my parents helping a LOT, but it is a change I am still not used to yet. I would LOVE to have more babies but I would seriously need to clone about 3 more of myself per baby. 😀 BTW, LOVE Ava's sandals!!!!

  7. She is so beautiful and you are a great mommy! What time does she usually take her nap? My LO has been napping at 9 and 1, but today resisted his 9:00 nap and went down at 11:00, and is knocked out! I'm hoping we can transition to one nap a day! He's 15.5 months old. Also, I'm just curious, any plans for number 2? I'm on the fence about when and would love to hear another mama's perspective!

    1. thanks so much love! You know Avas nap schedule sounded just like what you're describing it used to be 9 and 1 then they eventually met in the middle and her nap is usually 1130 ish. And yes we do plan for number 2 eventually.

  8. Andee! she is so precious and growing up so fast!You are doing an outstanding job as a momma,just like I knew you would! 🙂 I'm so proud of you, and Ava is truly lucky to have you (and Stephen). She is definitely a little fashionista in the making! XOXO

  9. ava and lou are sooo cute together! esp that kissing picture! glad to see they`re getting along! those top pictures of mama and baby are so precious. thanks for allowing us to watch her grow!

  10. My little one is 2 now and some days I still feel I haven't adjusted. She is my first and only …right now and I feel that since every day they change and you have to adjust accordingly. I Love her to pieces but it is still hard at times. Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel I'm not the only one:) P.S. your little girl is a doll!

    1. its so refreshing hearing other moms say that 😉 I just said to my husband the other night " I can't believe we have a daughter" so crazy still!

  11. Can I just say I love her hair. Those curls! I agree that each stage gets better. Scarlett is 7 months now and I just look at her in amazement. A mother's love is so unexplainable! Love the pics, beautiful family.

    1. totally agree it really is unexplainable. You always hear people talk about the love for their kids and you're like "yeah yeah yeah" and then you have your own and totally get it! 😉

  12. It's quite a relief to read that you feel the way most normal mamas do. When I read your blog and see your IG pics I aspire to be as 'together' as you look – eat healthy, work out, date nights etc. And then find myself only JUST scraping by each day lol. My baby-less friends were all, "How do you do it? How do you cope/manage?" (my little one is a manic screamer and non-sleeper) and I tell em honestly, I just wake up every morning and wing it. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and most importantly, sing lots of songs and laugh. It's kept me sane!!! <3

    1. lol thanks girl I really do make an effort to still hold on to the old me but balance it out with the new mom me 😉 You are not alone with the "just scraping by". I have those days as well xo

  13. Hi Andee, Ava is too cute. Love her new favourite face it cracks me up. On another note – I forgot to comment on the post – but what are you wearing your denim vest with in the picutre of you with the gold aviators? Are you wearing a maxi dress or a singlet and jeans? I love the look of a denim vest but struggle with what to wear it with….

    1. I was wearing a high low maxi in the picture. You honestly can wear a denim vest with just about anything! I love it with a basic tank and printed pants also!

  14. I REALLY needed to read this post today 🙂 My son is 4 months old and right now everyday is sort of it's own "battle". We are slowly getting somewhat of a "routine", but again everyday something seems to change. It has been frustrating hearing everyone say, "I promise it gets better" over and over again. But, reading that you had felt the very same way and how it took you a little while to adjust, it helps me not feel so crazy!! Thank you for your honesty and encouragement for things to look forward to 🙂

    1. so glad it helped you! You're definitely not alone and it took me some time to really get into the swing of things and my new "mom" role. The first few months really were the hardest for me but hang in there as you will adjust! xo

  15. She is such a cutie!

    I was wondering if you could do a post about your adorable dog and how she adjusted to having a baby around? Especially in the beginning? I'm interested because I've heard that many dogs have a hard time adjusting….Thanks!

  16. Hi Andee,

    I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did. I'm currently 12 wks pregnant and so emotional and scared. It's great to see that you're handling motherhood so well but what I love most is your honesty and how you talk about the struggles as well. I've been an emotional mess and its so early in my preganancy! I'm so afraid that it will only get worse…!!!
    I planned this preganancy as my husband and I have been married for 3 years now so I felt a bit of pressure, but now I keep thinking i made a mistake in getting pregnant! All selfish reasons of course…my body, freedom, etc! Horrible reasons I know! It was great coming across your blog though…gives me hope that I can still be me, fit, healthy and have a baby. I will keep reading!

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