Ava's 10 month Update

Miss Ava Layne is now over 10 months old and I can’t believe I am already pinning things for her first birthday!!! These last couple months have just been so fun with her little personality. When I talk to other parents and they say it keeps getting better and better, I totally can see what they mean! She is such a happy baby and is giggling so much now! Is there seriously anything sweeter than those little giggles?!

We’re still waiting on some more teeth as she only has the bottom two. I swear I thought we would have had a third one by now with the serious teething that was going on last month! I am practically done with the breastfeeding/pumping and think that may have something to do with my hormones being all over the place lately….or at least my husband thinks so ๐Ÿ˜‰  I am also being much better about being LESS of a germ freak. We’ve had a couple play dates and I restrained myself from wiping everything and everyone down lol. Hopefully by our next update this little lady will be walking! Until then here are some products were getting a ton of use out of and some were considering….

*Click on the set for details

These items are must haves for us right now! I posted some of Avas favorite bath time friends as well as a our bath toy net. Its inexpensive, drains, and the suctions are super easy to use and stay on! Triple Paste is also a must in our house hold. Its been awhile since we’ve had a bad rash but this stuff is the real deal! It works better than any other cream we’ve tried so far.  We have FINALLY retired our numbers and letters mat but have to say from months 4 to 9 it was awesome, especially since we have hard wood floors.  I posted on this Zoli container and teething sticks a couple weeks ago and they are really great! The container is a MUST in my diaper bag. We also love these little disposable place mats. They’re perfect for dining out and she loves all the bright colors on them.

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Our next piece to purchase is one of these walk around activity centers. Ava is cruising around our coffee table all day long so I’m hoping this will entertain her more than all the not so safe coffee table items! 

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These are some of the other toys we’re looking into for her. I keep hearing great things about the activity cubes and think were going to snag one soon. This little lady likes to bang on everything these days so I figured she would love this little music set. 
I’d love to hear what items your little ones are using and loving as well!! Happy Friday ladies! 
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  1. Aww she's adorbale, yes I was exactly the same with the germ issues, once they get to 9-10 months they are so much more mobile and when they start walking it goes a little bit downhill… xx

  2. Love your blog and your daughter is too cute!

    As for the activity centers, we bought the Baby Einstein Discovering Music table for my daughter and she loves it. She loves the different songs and the all the colors and lights. We got it when she was 10 months old and she's now 15 months and still plays with it. Good luck in picking!

  3. Love her sunnies – soo cute! I am a total germ freak…I'm always asking my hubby "Did you wash your hands?!" lol. I am getting a bit better, I think it's easier as they get a little older. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Caroline is just now starting to play with her musical instruments, but they are AWESOME…check out the Hape brand (EXTREMELY well made, too!!)
    Miss Ava looks like a doll everytime I see a picture of her…she is gorgeous friend!!

  5. The Zany Zoo activity cube by B.Toys is amazing! We got it for Lucas and he enjoys it, but our niece (who's 18 months) loves it too! So you know it'll last for some time. There's a bigger one (also by B.Toys) called the "Youniversity" that has ten times the bells and whistles, if you want a little more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    OH, and the Scout puppy by LeapFrog (there's a lavendar version for girls) is sooo cute too. You can personalize it to say her name! And choose the songs you want it to play. Get it, you won't regret it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ava is a beaut, as always! Can't believe our babies are about to turn one. Planning his first bday party is fun but it's also a little heartbreaking. SIGH!

  6. Your little Ava is such a gem! She is so cute, just like her parentals. Good picks on the toys. My littlest loves to make music and play with the big wooden type block toys. First birthday parties are the best. Can't wait to see that blog?!

  7. Matthew has that sea horse bath book!! It cracks me up how the cheap stuff I buy he is OBBSESSED with, and the expensive stuff he doesnt care about, go figure. She is one stylin little one!! Lovin the shades ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Andee! Your daughter is beautiful. I love following your blog. We bought my son the vtech sit to stand walker (the one on the right with the purple phone) at 6 months…he's now 19 months and it is still one of his favorite toys. I have actually bought it for a few girfriends. You can find it brand new on Amazon for 28 dollars with free shipping to your house. Hope that helps. Thanks for all the great tips all the time

  9. Love the heart sunglasses and her tiny feet!!! SOOOOO cute!!!! I've always loved it when small children laugh and giggle – it's so beautiful and innocent – music to my ears! ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW I picked up a sleep sheep (full size) as well. I got mine at Pottery Barn Kids. They actually have two sizes – one is a full size and then they have a smaller one for travel.

  10. Ahhh.. She is so edible! You mentioned you were through with breastfeefing /pumping…how are you going about doing that?i have to start getting prepared to wean soon, and Just wanted some advice… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Cat yes I FINALLY stopped breastfeeding and pumping. We basically started by weaning her from the boob first. so we gradually went from breastfeeding 3 times a day, then down to 2, then 1…The we got her to only be on the bottle where I was pumping. Now she is just getting food and Earths Best formula.

  11. So cute darling Miss Ava Layne! I love to see the babies trying to move around the room & trying to touch anything that they want. It is so cute looking when babies laugh & giggle. Thank you for sharing updates of Miss Ava Layne with us.

  12. That little red vest is so cute! My son had the Vtech walking activity thing in the bottom right corner pictured above. He absolutely loved it and would run around so fast pushing it all the time. The activity part also detaches which is nice too. I had it put away since he is too old for it now, (3 1/2yrs) and he spotted it and wanted to play with it again, haha. Ava is so precious, enjoy every little moment while you can- sounds so cliche, but it really does go by really fast, I miss those younger years.

  13. Hi Andee. Ava is absolutely adorable! I was wondering if you would consider doing a post on what to buy and what not to waste your money on for babies first year….sort of a baby necessity list for new/future mommies. I know most first time proud mommas always say they tend to over buy and never get much use out of certain items, clothing, etc. Thanks. Love your posts!

  14. Beautiful little girl! She will love the activity cube, my daughter just adores it. I jsut bought her a shopping cart from target and she was walking the isles next to me with her little basket! Cant get enough of toddler toys!!I also love those disposable placemats, couldnt live with out those when we go out, or go to friend houses where we dont have a high chair! Another winner are those tube play tents they can crawl through! All great choices ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Love looking at all the month by month MUST! I have and almost 8month old little boy and even though the clothing isn't the same the toys and learning items are! Thanks!!


  16. I love everything on your blog, your little girl is the absolute cutest! I am a new mommy to be, expecting a boy. I am trying to get my blog up and going with my baby, tutorials, fashion and faith. Would love for you to follow!


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