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So glad you girls have been loving these Amazon Finds posts and I really like sharing! This week’s topic is Beauty & Wellness related and I actually can’t believe I haven’t shared most of these items sooner. These are my picks for a little self-care and focusing on yourself…even if it’s only for like 10 min a day. Taking what I can get over here! From a few beauty grabs to what I use to relax, here are my Beauty & Wellness Finds!



ONE – I’m all about that sun protection especially on my face to try and avoid wrinkles and dark spots (because lawwwrd knows I wasn’t slathering on the SPF in high school!). I live in hats so that I can throw them on to protect my face and hide dirty hair allll the time.  This one is a great price and super cute! It’s low in stock so this one is also cute in the meantime.

TWO – I see lots of collagen powder to mix into coffee and smoothies but honestly I never remember that step and the one I did try didn’t taste good. These chewies are nice to keep in eyesight so you can just pop them in in the a.m. and they help with nail, hair and skin strength plus strong bones as we age. Did I mention they basically taste like Starburst so I actually look forward to taking them everyday 😉

THREE – K this looks a little cray but it WORKS! It’s a massage device that you can use anywhere and hubby and I love this at night or after a tough workout. This massager is the REAL DEAL and I would only recommend for people that love a deep tissue. My husband was using it at his physical therapists office and it worked so well he bought one for home and it’s legit! Wish I had more time for actual massages but this def does the trick!

FOUR – This mineral-based SPF is only $35 and is SO good for acne or sensitive skin. I use it on my face everyday and feel safe putting it on the kiddos.

FIVE – Yassss! I keep this ice roller in the freezer and it’s heaven when you’ve been drinking too much wine or aren’t getting any sleep (sooo…always? ;)) Really good for headaches too. I just roll up and outwards and honestly it’s THE BEST $10 you’ll spend.

SIX – Another tool that I lalalove! It’s kind of gross yes buttt If you struggle with blackheads, this suction machine is incredible for getting rid of them. Only $23 too.

SEVEN – Linked my favorite diffuser below and this oil set is just honestly really good for a great price! SO many yummy scents.

EIGHT – I’ve become obsessed with diffusing oils and honestly some are pretty ugly – this one is chic and looks good in the house.

NINE – These are always in my Amazon cart and a favorite affordable beauty grab. I keep some in my car for after workouts and in my bathroom for when I wake up. Amazing if you have sensitive skin.

TEN – When I have a blemish I’ve gotta get in there and fix the issue 😉 This kit is SO good and under $10!

ELEVEN – These aren’t necessarily an essential but lemme tell you how much more luxe a face mask feels when you aren’t getting your hands dirty!

Have you girls tried any of these?!

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  1. Yes the hypervolt gun is amaze balls! Especially for those tough knots on shoulders or forearms from carrying my newborn smh.

    On the plus side it’s become an “us” time with the hubby and I since, let’s be real have little to no us time with a newborn lol

    Thanks for sharing Andee! Been following you since blogging days :). So nice to see your family grow. From SoCal to Miami then back to SoCal and now with two adorable babes!

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