8 Weeks Postpartum Update!

Alright ladies lets talk postpartum! I’m now 9 weeks postpartum and honestly can’t believe that many weeks have gone by already! Needless to say were still in a bit of the newborn fog but hopefully in the next couple months things will be on the up. Today’s post i’ll just focus on my postpartum progress and i’ll do a separate post with a baby Luca update and life with two kiddos next week….

So here we go…

This pic taken at 8 Weeks Postpartum (Lorna Jane Pants// Target Tank)

WEIGH IN: I’m currently around 8 lbs or so away from my pre pregnancy weight and am happy with my progress so far! I’m not in a huge rush to lose those remaining pounds because i’m sure they will be around until i’m done breast feeding buttttt I am definitely anxious to start toning up! I gained about 30 pounds this pregnancy (and just under 30 lbs when I was pregnant with Ava). I have been breastfeeding non stop and think that has a lot to do with my progress so far.

WORKING OUT: Today at 9 Weeks postpartum was the first time I actually did cardio (because lets be honest catching up on sleep has been my 1st priority lately).  I have a treadmill in the garage and used it during nap time for about 30 minutes. I haven’t worked out in months so i’m starting out slow. I had previously put my gym membership on hold but and ready to get back there once I can be away from Luca for longer stretches of time. So for now i’m just doing what I can, where I can.
 I have a  small window during the day when my husband is home to get to the gym for an hour a couple times a week so i’m really hoping to be able to do that soon. They do have child care at my gym (and I used to bring Ava with me after she was a year old) but Luca’s way too little for me to bring him there right now. I’ll continue to post snapshots of my workout on my Twitter account (because its so much faster and easier to do) for those of you who asked what i’m doing.

EATING: To be honest my eating has kind of been all over the place! I am usually pretty disciplined when it comes to eating but i’ve been indulging probably a little more than I should 😉 I think i’ve been taking advantage of all those breast feeding burning calories lately. I’ve started taking pics to do my Honeybee Health posts again to show you snap shots of my meals for those of you who have been requesting it. I will do a full “Day In Meals” post early next week and i’ve already posted a couple of my meal posts on my instagram account this past week.

After I had Ava it took about 4 months to really get back into the swing of things with working out more consistently and it wasn’t until around 7 months postpartum that I really started to feel like my “old self”. Now juggling two kiddos I know it will be a little bit more of a challenge but I just have to be better with my time management. I’m anxious to get back in pre baby shape and know it will take some time but we’ll get there! Hope this helps and if you have any other things you want me to cover in my next post feel free to ask below!

Happpppy Friday!
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  1. You look incredible, Andee! I'm definitely going to be following along on your postpartum fitness journey because I'm going to be needing some serious inspo myself after I deliver in September! xoxo

  2. This is all totally deja vu of my post-pregnancy about 2 years ago. I was 8 pounds away at 8 weeks, too! And in no rush. You still look great, though. Take advantage of all those extra fats and carbs needed for BFing 😉


  3. You look amazing!! Breastfeeding helped me lose all my weight with my first pregnancy and I'm hoping the same happens after my second pregnancy. I'm actually due in a week with our first baby boy! I'm so excited to have both a girl and a boy! Question- did you ever end up taking your placenta pills? I've been researching a ton but still on the fence about it. I heard it helps with PPD and I had that after my daughter was born.

  4. I can't wait for your full day of eating post! You seem so healthy and know what you are talking about so I definitely see you as an inspiration :-).

  5. You look great and I hope things continue to go great. Totally your first priority is getting sleep – mine still is and my son is 17 months, LOL. I know for me I couldn't return to my regular cardio until at least after 6 moths. It took that long for my joints and insides to feel able to withstand the pounding. You got it back after Ava, you will again this time. Just enjoy it.


  6. Did you wear any kind of stomach binder or girdle?? I've gained more than I wanted to (40 lbs)and feel like I'll need help shaping up my waist. I'm due in 3 weeks and have been looking at the belly bandit or bellefit for post partum use

  7. Hi! Can you please do a new makeup post? Sephora is having their VIB 15% off sale right now for a few days, and I would love to shop your pics! xx

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