8 Week Update

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I can’t believe our little love is already 2 months old! She is our little heavy weight champion weighing in at 14lbs! This child can eat!! I love a chunky baby as I feel like she is so much easier to handle. She started smiling and coo’ing a lot lately and I just LOVE hearing all those sweet sounds! I don’t want to jinx us but Ava is actually a really good baby! She now lets mommy and daddy sleep a solid 6 to 7 hour stretch some nights (although most nights its more like 4 to 5)! Minus the middle of the night wake up call from my boobs to pump! I’ve found that pumping in the night is much more convenient for me.
We are taking her out more and more and her little tummy seems to tolerate a wider variety of food I eat…thank the lord!!! I am still exclusively breast feeding and plan on doing so until at least 6 months. After I reach that point Ill decide if I want to continue or not. Did you ladies have any issues weaning your babies off the breast? Im nervous for when that day comes.

Nothing better than having Memaw in town! 

I truly am loving mommy hood and watching her grow each day! I have a few baby products I’m loving lately Ill post on later this week!

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  1. Hi,
    I just recently started following your blog. I seriously wish I found this blog when I was pregnant. I love your recipes and fashion sense. I'm 8 months post birth and I've lost most of the weight but I'm mushy and will soon start working out. You are such a wonderful mommy and an inspiration for mother's like myself. Your little Ava is beautiful just like her mommy:)

  2. You both look wonderful and happy! I have 3 kids and exclusively nurse and have found that letting your baby wean herself is easiest and happens naturally. When she starts eating solids and really gets into a groove of pretty much nursing around her sleep patterns, slowly but surely feedings will fall off. The bedtime feeding will most likely be the last to disappear, but savor it, they grow up too fast! Every stage is precious.

  3. Oh, and p.s.-I know the night pumping can be annoying, so recommend just pumping off enough so you are comfortable but not necessarily emptying yourself so that you won't always have to get up and pump in the middle of the night. Sorry, I know you are probably getting all kids of advice from all kinds of people!:)

  4. wow time passes by so quick! Ava looks so friggin cute, I like chubby babies 😀 I was a very chubby baby myself and hoping mine would be the same.

    You're lucky Ava's already sleeping 6-7 hours. My bff's baby didn't let them sleep that long until he was 8 months old.

  5. Suck a cutie pie, she is the double of your husband, same eyes 🙂 so squishable :))

    G london town, you look lovely as always!

  6. Ahhhh..she's chunky like my little guy was (is)…he's 11 months now!!!! She's so cute!!!! We EBF until around 6 months as well but my supply tanked after I went back to work b/c pumping just isn't the same as nursing. Hang in there!!!! Congrats:)

  7. I had no issues weaning my 3 off at all, they transitioned to bottles very easily, as I introduced them all to one by 3-4 weeks of age (key that you don't intro it too late, or too early) just so it wasn't foreign to them should I need to give them a bottle for any reason in the future. I continued giving a bottle about every 2 weeks or so (let the hubs do it!) so they wouldn't forget what it was like!
    The first one I was able to nurse until 9 months due to late teeth, the 2nd did till 7 months, earlier teeth (which I just couldn't hack it when they would bite- not meaning to, but it sucked, and it was then time to move onto a more comfortable means of liquids- a bottle!!), and my 3rd was weaned at 4 months…I was over breast feeding by then. She's a cutie Andee- I know you are super proud. Go with your gut on the breast feeding thing- you'll know when it's time to let go and she will let you know as well.
    Sorry for the tiny novel:)

    1. thanks so much Jenny! I am so glad I introduced the bottle early too! Hoping I will be as successful as you with weaning when that time comes!

  8. What an adorable little chunky monkey!! I could just SQUEEZE her! 😀
    As for weaning, my babies weaned themselves after the teeth came in. I too was uncomfortable with the occasional biting, so had no issues letting them wean off the boob. Looks like you're both doing great! Have you started working out yet? Two weeks PD, and I'm DYING to get moving again, but was told to wait & not overdo it for at least two more (if I feel good enough…)

    1. Yes I'm def worried about the teeth coming in and breasfeeding yikes! I did start working out last week. I finally got motivated to tone up a bit and so glad! I did wait till about 7 or 8 weeks and wanted to give my body a chance to fully recover. Our bodies go through a huge change with pregnancy so i didn't want to rush it. I did walk and ate healthy right after I had her though. Good luck to you! xo

  9. You asked for it, so here's my little spiel on the weaning…
    I breastfed both my children for 13-14 months. By the time baby is six month you are pretty much on a set feeding schedule, let's say every three hours for example. When she starts solids you just substitute one breastfeeding time for a solid time… then when she's a bit older (take into account age and weight of baby) you introduce another solid feeding time and cut a breastfeeding session. As long as baby's tummy is full there shouldn't be any complaints. By the time my babies were one years old there was really only two breastfeeding times (in the morning and at night) and regular food during the day. Then I cut the morning time by just getting up one day and getting to breakfast a bit earlier (30 min)… A few weeks after that I just put baby to sleep without breastfeeding (of course, we had an established pattern at bedtime of bath, story, singing, and breastfeeding) so we kept the pattern the same with a bit longer bath and story so baby was really tired by the time for breasfeeding so she fell asleep right away. It worked for me. I heard stories where mother's breasts hurt and that the babies wanted to feed throughout the day at sporadic times, etc… I truly believe that if you keep a pretty tight schedule with this that it should be fairly easy esp. since you introduced a bottle to her already.
    By the way, I think that since your little cutie looks like she's a muncher she might need solids a bit earlier than six months (I wouldn't say this cuz I believe in the six month of breastfeeding) but, ask your MD, I think she might benefit from maybe cereal mixed with your milk once a day a few weeks earlier. Again, ask your MD…
    Hope this helps a bit… Good Luck!
    Oh! and also I finally started my own blog and I would truly be honored if you would stop by and let me know what you think. I am following you with GFC and would love it if you could follow back. Appreciate it!



  10. Hi Andee,
    Ava is beautiful! Little chubby baby, so adorable. How are you doing, 8 weeks later? Do you feel like you recovered mostly and feel less pain? It would be nice to get an update on mommy post giving birth. Good luck with everything:)

    1. hi love yes I do feel like I have pretty much fully recovered and not experiencing any kind of pain. I pretty much was back to normal right around 5 to 6 week postpartum health wise. Bodywise I still want to lose a couple pounds and do some more toning.

  11. I can't believe she weighs 14 pounds at 2 months! My little weighs that much and she's 12 weeks! Hehe I LOVE chunky babies though! I look forward to your next post about the baby products 🙂

  12. I LOVE chunky babies too, Ava is so cuuute! Oddly enough all the skinniest people in my family were chunky babies…my mom told me they nicknamed me the Michelin Man!! lol!

    1. thanks Anna! Thats so great your taking a breastfeeding class! That was the one class we signed up for and skipped and i think that was a BIG mistake and probably could have avoided that painful first week if we had went! Congrats on your new babe on the way!

  13. Your blog has been great! Thanks for sharing. Your baby is adorable and you look healthy and happy. My little boy turned 3 weeks today; he too is a good eater, was born 8lbs5oz and is gaining weight steadily. Out of curiosity, how much did you walk right after the baby and did you do it on a treadmill or outside? I had a 4th degree tear but have been given the okay to start walking by my Ob. I am trying to figure out how much I can do to be effective without affecting my milk supply. I don't plan to start toning until after my 6 week appointment.

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