8 Beauty Products I Always Have in My Shower

Alright girls, getting a little personal today and taking you inside my shower. I’ve never really thought about it before but since the beauty routine does technically start in the shower and a few of you girls have asked about must-have products, I thought I’d share. Honestly it’s nothing too exciting but I do swear by these items. From the razor that’s changed the game to alllll the exfoliators and more, here are the 6 products always in my shower.

The Best Razor Kit

I was definitely influenced by some other bloggers a year or so ago and got the Billie razor. I ended up working with them and did a full post on my love for the company and especially their razor. If you know, you know! Their razors are not only aesthetically pleasing (you know I’m a sucker an IG-worthy product), but they’re easy to grip and slide right along your skin and honestly leaves my skin smoother than any other razor i’ve used. My favorite part is that the kit comes with a little magnetic holder to free up shelf space and keep things organized. If you girls are interested, I suggest their  $9 starter kit and their shaving cream. Super easy! I also just added their Wonder Wipes to my monthly delivery service and love! They are great for sensitive skin and each wipe is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c serum so just makes life easier with everything all in one for those busy days.

My Go-To Conditioner

I like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner based on new products I’m testing out or what my hair needs more of but this conditioner is a staple.  Kerastase always has quality hair products and though they might be more $$ than drug store stuff, definitely worth it IMO! You girls know I’ve raved about their hair elixir for YEARS!  This conditioner isn’t super heavy but does a great job at moisturizing the ends – check out the reviews, pretty awesome. Purple shampoo is supposed to work better for blondes to keep the brassiness at bay but I felt it worked well on my brunette hair too. I also recently tried this blue shampoo (per my hairstylists rec) and it’s been amazing too (and a bit more budget-friendly). Highly recommend both if you struggle with brassy color-treated hair too.

Nécessaire Body Exfoliator

This product is somewhat new to me and it’s definitely a new staple!  I’ve always been someone who likes a good exfoliator and this one is good. Honestly, I’ve tried all the damn products and some just don’t do the dirty work as well as others. This one does! If you girls use a self-tanner, I’d recommend using this the day you’re applying. Gives a great all-over exfoliation and smells delish too! I actually use several products from the full line and can’t get enough. The hubby uses the body wash too and feel good about incorporating more clean beauty products into the rotation!

Body Scrub Mitt

Again, for you girls who self-tan, definitely snag yourself this mitt. It lets you have good control over areas you’re exfoliating and you can get into the elbows, ankles, knees, etc. I actually find it energizing as well so it’s great to wake the body up in the a.m.  and just take that exfoliation to the next level.

For the Face (and Back)

Told you I love a good exfoliator! This one is legit! I use it on my face a few times a week. I keep it in the shower so I don’t forget and it’s just easier to clean off that way. I personally like a grittier exfoliator that you can feel and this one lives up to the test. It’s still gentle enough not to damage the skin or anything like that though. I always use the day before a shoot or an event so that I know my makeup will go on evenly the next day. If you like something a little more gentle but effective, this AHA /BHA exfoliating cleanser works so well and feels like a luxury product! Lastly, if you struggle with back breakouts like me (I know – so not cute) I use an acne wash with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to remove all that excess oil and help prevent more breakouts.

Rapid-Dry Hair Turban

OK so this isn’t technically in my shower but it’s on my towel rack right outside. I wanted to include since a lot of you girls ask about hair often. I LOVE these turbans for wrapping my hair up on days that I wash it. I even throw my hair in one before getting in the shower if I’m not washing too to get it protected. But in general, these are a lot softer on your hair than a towel, they soak up water quickly, and they help with frizz like crazyyyy. Such a good find, trust me! My favorite part is that it’s thinner than a regular size towel and has a button on the back so no sliding off!

Alright girls, what’s always in your shower?? Let’s get personal!

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  1. I also love Necessaire and have the exfoliator and body wash in my shower. Along with a coconut shave cream that I love (cheap), and Biolage shampoo and conditioner. I have used Biolage conditioning balm forever and buy the big tub of it with the pump. Its the only conditioner that keeps my long, thinner hair hydrated. Dove bar soap is a staple as well.

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