50 Pieces Perfect for Family Photos

What to wear for family photos has been a heavily requested post in my DM’s lately so ladies, I’m finally delivering today! Apologies for the short delay but I wanted to make sure I sourced several different styles (for the whole fam!) with different options depending on how dressy or how casual you want to keep it. So let’s dive right in, shall we?!

I know it can be stressful trying to rally the whole gang to photo day but my guidelines to a (mostly) painless and successful family pic. You can go moody, rich and dark if you want to really capture the season or you can opt for lighter and softer tones if you want to display your photos in your home way after the holidays are gone. I like to switch the styles up from year to year. If we go super dressy one year, I’ll opt for something more casual and low key the next. I have a few easy guidelines I like to stick to when styling our family for our pictures.

I like to keep it simple for the hubby. He is a no fuss kind of guy so jeans, a nice sweater, cardigan or dress shirt are it for him. For me, I like to have fun with pictures so I always try to pick something different and just a little bit extra. Last year it was a really cute velvet jumpsuit and festive red lips and the year before that a bright red top and playful pony. For the kids, it’s all about getting them in something cute that they won’t put up a big fuss about. I always let them wear their normal sneakers too. I think there’s something fun about a dressy look for the kids but still rocking their sneaks! It’s all about picking pieces that speak to their personal style but they compliment each other.


Here are over 75 options to style the whole family for your holiday photos this year!

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