5 Products to Up Your Winter Skincare Game

Being a mama of two and a thirty-something (I swear I was just 25, what happened?!), my skincare addiction is always evolving. It wasn’t something I always prioritized, but now that I’m seeing more wrinkles and dull skin, especially now that it’s cooler out, I’m doing my best to stick to a pro active routine.

I know the skincare world can be overwhelming, so I wanted to share some products that I’ve been using pretty much daily and that are actually showing results. I sometimes don’t even know where to start with skincare, so I love that the Colleen Rothschild line has a solution for every issue. It’s easy to use the line for everything! After trying their line for a while now, these are the 5 products that stuck out:

Salicylic Treatment Complex

colleen rothschild

colleen rothschild

I first heard about using salicylic to treat acne when I was in high school, and even as an adult, I get hormonal breakouts from time to time…thank you to the stress of busy kids lol! ☺ When a blemish flares up or I can feel one coming, I put this Salicylic Treatment on right away and it’s usually taken care of in a day or two. Works really fast!

Retinol Supreme Night Oil

colleen rothschild retinol oil

Retinol used to scare me because I’ve heard about people having bad experiences with it (like REALLY peely, red skin), but I know they have a ton of benefits when it comes to bright skin and aging. My dermatologist told me it’s the most important product to use as you age – so sign me up!  I love how this is an oil treatment because it’s not as drying as some other retinol creams. The trick is to use it every other night, or even only a few times a week. It helps if your skin is sensitive or when you’re first bringing this into rotation, too – maybe try 1-2 times a week at first. If you’re looking to add an retinol oil to your skincare regimen, This One is amaze!

Mandelic Acid Serum

OK I won’t lie, the smell isn’t the best, but the results are worth it. I promise! Just plug your nose, lol, because you’re going to want to add this to your routine. On the nights that I’m not using retinol, I’ll swap this in. This serum promotes cell turnover so it’s great at exfoliating without doing anything harsh. Plus it helps with dark spots from my high school sun tanning days!

colleen rothschild

Extreme Recovery Cream

I usually use this after the retinol or acid serum to make sure my skin is staying hydrated. There are a lot of creams on the market, and this is a favorite. Especially now that it’s winter, skin needs all the moisture it can get. This feels like heaven going on – I wish I could put it on my whole body sometimes;) Pro tip: Apply a little on your neck and chest to keep those areas tighter.

Also if you’re looking for a new Cleanser, their Radiant Cleansing Balm is really great. It does a great job at clearing pores and removing all traces of your makeup. There you have it! Some of my favorite skincare products of the moment.

Have you used any? Any that I should add to my list?



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    1. hi babe! gosh i remember there were so many no no’s and i struggled finding good products that were prego friendly. I would just ask your OB just to be safe! I know there was a skincare line that i specially ordered online that made a good face wash I loved. Ill have to look back through my posts to find the brand as I’m sure they made other skincare items too!

  1. I loveeeee Colleen Rothschild skincare i need to stock up on the balm! Thanks for th code:) unrelated butttt is your outfit linked somewhere? 🧐🤩

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