3 Non-Commitment Bronzers I Use All Year Long

I’ve shared this before but sadly I’m allergic to just about evvvery self-tanner on the market. Believe me, I’ve tried several at this point and unfortunately, they all have made me break out in rashes. If you have sensitive skin like I do, I’ve found three non-commitment bronzers that don’t make me break out so wanted to share them with you girls today. They’re the kind that wash off at the end of the day and look really natural too…

The key for me and my skin is using ones that you can wash off that same day when it comes to not having a reaction. All four are also probably awesome on non-sensitive skin and are great for daily wear when you don’t want to commit to something that will last for days!

I’ve been hitting these 3 hard over the summer for an extra boost of bronze and I definitely rely on these all year once the summer months are over.

LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Lumnizer

First up, this $21 option that’s for the body! This was the first body bronzer I ever used and have literally been using it for over a decade! Insider tip for this one: mix it in with a little bit of your daily body lotion because a little goes a long way. I like a more natural finish and mixing it with the lotion is perfect for that look. This one dries pretty quickly and it also has vitamins A, C & E and it’s made with aloe and chamomile which is super moisturizing and soothing! This one has a slight shimmer to it but not overpowering.

Iconic Body Illuminator 

I shared a video of this bronzer on my Stories last month and you girls seemed to love it as much as I did and I know of you scooped it up already. You can use it on your face but it’s been my go-to for all over my body. It smells SO good which isn’t usually the case for self-tanners am I right? I use the darkest shade “glow” and it provides such a gorg warm bronzed color. They also make a highlighter color which I especially love a little extra on my collar bone and shoulders if I’m just wearing a tank and find it flattering in those spots. Really into this one lately!  You can mix  a little into your lotion as well but the color pay off is so great on it’s own and it definitely wins for the best smelling!

Vita Liberata Body Blur Skin Finish

If you’re looking for a clean beauty option, This one is new to me this year and I’m obsessed! It’s the densest out of all my go-to bronzers and the best if you want a little coverage.  It’s ahhhmazing for blurring out imperfections like cellulite, skin discoloration and all that. Definitely a boost of confidence in a bottle and perfect for bikini days or when you’re showing some skin. They also make an option for your face for that healthy glow we’re all striving for and I think you girls would really like this one. It’s an Organic/clean beauty staple for me moving forward for sure!

How about you ladies…any faves on the list? Also thinking about trying out Kim Kardashian’s new one. Have you guys tried it?!

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  1. Love the Vita Liberata line, it finishes so beautifully on the skin! Could you also share your sun hat details; looking for a one just like yours!!


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