3 Month Update

Its been a little over three months since Ava was born but somehow it feels like she has always been apart of our lives! Life with a baby is a huge adjustment but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She is growing so big and coo’ing all the time. I absolutely adore this stage! She definitely recognizes her mama and I get that big toothless grin most of the time when she see’s me! That alone makes all the hard work worth it! I can safely say that I have a new appreciation for so many small things in life. A glass of wine has never tasted so good!

Our little lady LOVES bath time!

My favorite pic yet that I took! 

How am I going to be able to say no to this little face?!
Ava weighs 16 lbs and there are rolls on every inch of body (if you follow me on instagram you can see the proof in her bikini pic I posted lol)! We already have her in 6 month clothing and are about to upgrade to size 3 diapers! She sleeps a solid 5 hour stretch in the beginning of the night (sometimes 6 or 7!) followed by waking up every 2 hours after that.  Unfortunately she only wants mama’s boob at bed time so that means no staying out past 8pm! Not that Im out at night very often these days but it would be nice to have that option. We tried giving her a bottle one night instead of the boob and boy did she throw a fit. Im already not looking forward to the day when we have to wean her off the boob! Any tips in that department are welcomed!! She’s doing great in her little co sleeper but sleeps on her back so I also feel like she is getting a bit of a flat head! The pediatrician said it didn’t seem like anything to be to concerned about that eventually it would round out. Did you ladies experience any problems with this? As for the co sleeper I think it is already getting to small for her but I’m not ready to put her in crib in her nursery yet! I think we may have to bring the pack n play upstairs and let her sleep in the for awhile. She is also drooling and blowing bubbles a lot more so I’m wondering if this is the beginning stages of teething?! When they say “enjoy this stage because they grow up so quickly” they aren’t lying! 
*On a side note I’ve added some items to Shop Honeybee and have another round of clothes, shoes and accessories to add later this week as well once I get pics uploaded!
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  1. ava is soooo cute! i love that she`s such a chunky monkey!! her little bikini was adorable! she`s already so stylish like her mama (= and btw, i die everytime i see a pic of ava and lou together!! melts my <3

  2. omg, Andee, she is BEAUTIFUL! you are going to have trouble keeping the boys away!! And that last pic of her and Louie is just precious. xx

  3. She is very photogenic and gorgeous just like her mama! She smiles just like you, too! The bikini pic was too adorable. She is going to be a stunning lil' lady, I can tell. You're so funny in writing about how she prefers your boob over the bottle! Thanks for sharing! Love it! <3

  4. Aww I love the rolls! So H and I found out we are having another girl Thursday and once again we are stuck on names. I'm thinking of just bringing Ava back to the drawing board. That was my first choice when I was pregnant with Layla but ultimately I let H decide. I still love the name! and I can't think of anything else. So we'll see. 😉 We still have till November to decide so we are thinking.

  5. She is precious! They grow so fast! She is a beautiful baby girl. I love the photo of Ava and your sweet dog. I sent you an email on one of your items. Have a great Monday Andee!

  6. I love your baby updates Andee….Ava is sooo squishable 😀 And chubby babies are the best, I hope my baby will be chubby too!!

    I love that third picture of her you posted

  7. Ahh She is just beyond precious! I love seeing pictures of her, she is the cutest!! I must have looked at that bikini pic on instagram like 5 times yesterday…just made me smile. I love when they start coo'ing and doing rasperbies hehe. xo

  8. She's so sweet! I follow your pictures and I love seeing how squishable she is! My 3rd daughter is just about 4 months and I noticed her head was slightly flat in the back… Nothing to worry about because they DO round out. Just try and do a little more tummy time with her or put her in a jumperoo/excersaucer (with a pillow under her feet and a blanket supporting around her waist/back) to get her upright more often. Hope that helps a little 🙂

  9. she is just the sweetest little girl i have ever seen! I love that louie is so gentle with her little sis. I have been contemplating getting a frenchie! any advice is welcome! 🙂

    1. cheryl i definitely think you need a frenchie!!! The are high maintenance (lots of allergies) , expensive and needy but worth all the trouble because they are literally like a part of the family! Their personalities are so cute and they are such little lovers!

  10. She is so precious! My daughter Veronica is 7 months old and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone! My little baby girl is already pulling herself up standing on her own and constantly on the move. It seems just yesterday she was happy just to snuggle. As far as the bubbles and drool – I thought the exact same thing when Veronica was doing that when she was the same age as Ava is now. Every day I was convinced I was going to see a tooth, but at 7 months still nothing! I agree that we definitely need to enjoy every moment because they grow so quickly!! (PS – I follow you on Instagram and the picture of Ava in a bikini was absolutely adorable!!)

  11. LOVE the look that she has on that 3rd pic..she is so adorable,it would be nice if you could do a outfit post on her considering how great you are in fashion.

  12. I really feel for you and the bottle situation. My daughter is 8 months old and has never taken a bottle, she will scream if you even bring it out. I am waiting for that magical day she takes a sippy cup so I can get my life ( boobs ) back ! I love Ava in her bikini…

  13. She is SO adorable! What a sweet face! My first started all the drooling at 3 months and got a tooth right at 4 months and my second started all the drooling at the same time and the ped told me he was teething but we are approaching 6 months and no teeth yet. Wait until she figures out how to blow raspberries with all that drool!

  14. My little string bean baby Cesilee (first baby) was born on march 12th. Seems like my baby is starting to teeth as well, and as for the "flattening head" we have that too! She slept in her nap nanny in our bed since my husband works nights, until last week when she flopped herself out of it. I'm not ready for her to be in her nursery at night either, so we too use the pack n play next to the bed!

  15. What camera or app did you use to add the rays around sweet little Ava and the hearts? I absolutely can't get over how adorable she is! Congrats xo

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