24 Weeks

I shared a pic a couple days ago on the Honeybee Facebook page that im officially 6 months! This tummy has seriously sprouted over the past two weeks and is taking off! Its so exciting that people can actually tell im pregnant now!

I have the dreaded Glucose test next week but for some reason I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Is it really that bad? Thought it was just like drinking flat orange soda?

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  1. You look great!! 🙂 And the glucose test is not bad at ALL – literally like drinking a small can of flat orange sunkist, nothing worse. The only bummer is that you can't eat for a little while before, but just plan accordingly. Good luck to you!

  2. It's not bad at all. Matter of fact, my doctor allowed me to take mine home and I kept it in the fridge for a whole
    month and drank it that morning before I went to take the test.

  3. Lol its the waiting time that sucks after you drink that stuff… then hoping you pass so you dont have to do the 2 hr test. I hope it all turns out well. You look great!

  4. The glucose test is not bad at all, its the THREE hour glucose test if you fail your one hour. YOU do not want to fail. So dont eat anything! lol…if you end up doing the three hour you have to drink that thing and get your blood took every hour for four hours.

  5. it sucks because you have to get blood samples every half hour. Then if you dont pass,(which I didn't) then you go back a different day for the two hour test. after all that waiting, I passed. It just sucks because of the waiting.Ugggh…good luck. They say to fast for 12 hours before, so I would suggest it.

  6. Cute baby belly! You are def handling your pregnancy like a champ.

    Its definitely not that bad at all! It tastes like really sweet flat orange soda. Good luck! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors.

  7. Ummm I would love to get these for text message so I don't have to check your Honeybee for tummy updates!!

    You look AMAZING bestie….you've left some pretty amazing shoes to fill…I hope I can be as gorg prego!

  8. Thanks for all your encouragement ladies! Ill let you now how the test goes!! @Shanika yeah! my doctor did the same thing so hoping it doesnt take as long!!
    @kristyb YEAH i love hearing that 🙂 @miss lorinkelly sorry! Ill text them to you prior to posting haha!

  9. Hiya..
    I have been following your blog for a while and I do have couple of questions..
    Have you always been so thin and skinny (in a positive way:)?
    I am asking just because I am quite skinny head to waist (size 36-38) but i do have heavy legs??
    Do you think there is still something I can do about it??
    I do classes such as indoor cycling and body rock to shape up my body but i dont feel like i ever be able to have thinner legs..
    Is there any advice You could give me?

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