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Hope you ladies are having great week! We’re still settling back in from our little weekend getaway but I wanted to share this months item from to: Hello Beautiful with you ladies……
This is the “April” necklace and was only $18! It reminds me of something from House of Harlow but much more affordable! I wore it with my leopard print top to grab a drink with the girls last week. Such a great piece for under $20! 

As always use code word HONEY to receive $5 off your purchase of $10 or more! 
Also if you haven’t already, enter my Pop Secret giveaway  for a chance to win a Visa gift card here
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  1. The first thing I was thinking about when I so the picture was "the necklace, the necklace, the necklace", so glad to see there is the link for the necklace :). Love it!!! Thank you!

  2. Cute necklace. Cute top. And cute phone case (what brand/model is it? or any other iphone case recs?) Anyway, thanks for the coupon code. 🙂

  3. Hi! Where did you get that adorable leopard top? also, what kind of nail polish color are you wearing? love your blog!!!!!!

  4. Are those Hudson Gwen wide leg jeans on you??? I just purchased them on e-bay in one inch smaller waist size than what I need yet, they are so stretchy. I have never owned jeans that feel that stretchy. I feel it should be illegal to make something that stretchy :). Do you buy them in one size smaller and do they stretch on you during the day???

  5. Hi andee! i need your help in choosing my first designer handbag.. was wondering if i should get a proenza ps1 or balenciaga city? i know you have the proenza can you tell me if you like it and if there are any problems you have with it? i've heard mixed reviews. thanks

    1. Hi love I think that choosing a bag is such a personal choice. To often girls get the Chanel or the LV logo bags because they've seen others with it. I would just say consider your overall style and pick one the you just LOVE. Both the Balenciaga and Proenza are edgy city chic bags. I absolutely LOVE my PS1 and have zero complaints with it. On the other hand I also love the balenciaga city bag but hate that there are so many knock offs out there that look like it. Either way they are both fantastic choices xo

  6. I am loving the leopard trend lately, big time! This outfit is perfect on every level…. then again, I would never expect any less from Miss Andee 😉 Love it lady xo

  7. Love the whole outfit! So well put together (:
    I do have one question though…what shoes did you pair with this look?!

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