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Honeybee Home – Our Holiday Home Decor (and video!)

I hope you girls are soaking up every last minute of 2019 like we are! I wanted to share these posts sooner but honestly this holiday season felt even crazier than normal (anyone else?!).  Gingerbread houses, holiday parties, entertaining, kids school sing alongs and parties… it was NON STOP. Needless to say there were tons of fun memories made though! Here’s a quick all things December post anddd a fun little video sharing how we decorated xo

First up a quick video on how we decorate for the holidays. Unlike Halloween (where I like to go all in 😉  I actually try to keep our decor pretty minimal during Christmas. We like to keep a few decorative pieces that are special to us and then keep the rest of the house pretty simple but always adding in fresh garland and poinsettias.

Holiday Home Decor

No need to countdown till Christmas this year…because this little guy had that covered 😉




Holiday Entertaining

We entertained a bunch this season which you girls know I love. From simple gatherings with a couple families to larger ones complete with a Moscow Mule Bar and a dessert charcuterie that was a huge hit.

I always love putting together an epic cheese board but this year we switched things up and created a dessert board. I LOVED seeing all your girls recreations of these that I reposed on my IG Stories! It’s always so fun to see your take on them and just love anytime my Honeybee Fam shares their inspo with me! If you want to see how you can easily make one of these I shared quick How To on my instagram post HERE. A lot of you asked about my oversized board and it’s this one HERE.


Looks like someone else was really into the dessert charcuterie too 😉

I SWEAR i’ve used This Bar Cart 8 million and one times. I originally bought it because I found it was pretty chic and cute for how inexpensive it was as I wasn’t sure how often I would use it but we use it ALL the time. If you’ve been thinking about getting one I highly recommend it (back in stock here for around $100!)


Honestly a station like this is super easy to set up! All you need is vodka, copper mugs, ginger beer mix and fresh garnishes!

and that’s how we decorated and hosted for holidays!! Wishing you girls all the best in the last few days of 2019!!

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  1. always enjoy reading you sharing your home and ideas. Wanting to wish you and your family the very best this New Year hoping that all wishes sent your way follow you all through the New Year! I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer so this holiday was a bust (lol) no reason that I won”t be taking your cue’s for next year!! Happy New Year Luv.

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